Another very popular online money transfer services that is used by tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of online gamblers every single day of the week is the web wallet service offered by Neteller also available at the Zodiac Casino Canada.

They have been around almost since the start of online gaming and have as such got many years experience under their belt, and their service was started up with the sole intention of allowing online gamblers to be able to both move money seamlessly around the web but to also be able to get back their winnings from any gambling site.

neteller casinos

You can register to use Neteller at any time and once you have your account set up then you can start using in straight away. You will find that you can top up your Neteller account using one of many different banking options such as a debit card or credit card, bank transfer or even by using a PaySafeCard voucher.

Once you have money available in your Neteller account then you can move as much or as little of those funds into any online casino site account or any type of gambling account at which the site allows and permits deposits by Neteller, which for reference the vast majority of them do.

When you have won any amount of cash gambling online then you can request those winnings are the sent back to your Neteller account, and those funds will then show up in your account once sent.

You will then be able to use those funds in one of several different ways, you may choose eat keep them stored in your Neteller account and then use them as and when you wish to top up any other casino or gambling site accounts balance.

You may prefer to be sent back the money held in your Neteller account which you an of course do at any time, and you will be bale to select a bank account of yours for those funds to be sent into or you may request a cheque is sent out to you.

However, there is another way that you are always going to be able to access the fund that are held in your Neteller account and that is by you requesting one of their pre-paid MasterCard is sent out to you.

By requesting one of those cards then any money that is in your Neteller account can be accessed via that card so if you wish to get instant cash from your Neteller account balance you will simply need to visit any ATM and make a withdrawal using your card.

However, that Mastered pre-paid card can also be used at any retail outlet or store that accepts MasterCard, so if you ever wish to make any type of purchase and use the funds that are stored in your Neteller account to pay for that purchase then simply request one of those cards and start to use it.