All Players want to win when playing slot machines. But let’s face it there are thousands of them on offer at all casino sites.

So, today it is the turn of 15 pay-line slots to get my attention. Be aware you will find two different types of 15-line slots though.

The first offer a fixed pay-line playing structure. You cannot play less than 15 lines per spin on those slots but can alter the coin values.

The other type of slots with 15 lines are optional pay-line slots. That means you do get the option of playing from one to all fifteen lines per spin.

The optimal way to play such slots is to play them with all lines activated. By doing so you will never miss out on a winning combination spinning in.

But there is one important aspect of such slots that can make them highly playable. That is just how high their long term payout percentages have been set to.

Online slots can have RTPs as low as 80%, and some can have RTP’s set in the very high 90% range.

Therefore, all savvy gamblers should be playing 15-line slots with RTP’s in excess of 97.00%. That will ensure above all else over the long term you will get plenty of winning spins.

Bonuses Games Make 15 Pay-Line Slots Exciting to Play

Paying a side or bonus bet to have the chance to trigger a bonus game will be an option on some slots.

However, why be forced to have to pay a bonus or side bet, when most slot machines offer them as part of your base stake?

Therefore, what you should be looking for are slot machines at sites like Zodiac Casino that offer bonus games as standard.

There will be dozens of them available, and I will now look at just what bonus games can be triggered.

Free games are what most players enjoy triggering. But the bonus games that have free games that can re-trigger and those with high multipliers are the most popular ones.

There will be plenty of pick to win bonus games too. Those slots are not too complicated to play for you simply must pick off locations on the bonus screen to be awarded with cash pay-outs. Once the bonus game has been awarded to you.

Pick and match and wheel spinning bonus games are also on offer on many 15-line slots. Plus, many of them will offer an option gamble type of game when you have spun in a winning combination too.

Questions and Answers About 15 Line Slot Games

There could still be some questions you have about playing 15-line slot machines, and if so, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can I play for penny or one cent stakes?

You are always in control of the stake you play 15 pay-line slot games for. If you have just a small bankroll, then you can of course play such slots for pennies.

Where are 15-line slot RTP’s revealed?

The all-important pay-out percentage information can often be found on a casino’s website. But sometimes the RTP’s are listed on a slot games pay table or even on their attached help files too.

Do players earn lots of comps playing 15-line slots?

Make no mistake about it, you will earn lots of comp points when playing online slots for real money. It will however be the total gaming action not necessary how much you like as to how many comp points you will amass.

Can I claim deposit match bonuses to play 15-line slots with?

You can play all manner of different bonuses when playing online slots. The ones I know most savvy slot players are eager to claim are deposit match bonuses. Zodiac Casino does tend to offer plenty of those types of bonus offers to their players.

Should I always play all pay-lines on slots I play?

There are pros and cons of activating all pay-lines on 15-line slots. I would suggest you do try and put each pay-line into live play, so that you never miss out on a winning combination spinning in.

New 15 Pay-Line Slots Are Available Online

Does using auto play increase my winning chances?

Making use of the auto play setting simply means you do not have to manually click on the spin button to send a slot games reels spinning. There will be no increase in your winning or losing chances however when you do make use of the auto play settings.

Can I play more than one slot at a time when playing online?

When playing at our featured online casino sites, you can play more than one slot machine at the same time. That is when it may be handy for you to use the auto play setting to save you having to scroll through each screen open.

Is an instant play gaming platform available at all casinos?

Most if not all online casinos these days offer an instant play type o gaming platform. Those casinos are compatible with all web browsers too, so you should have np problems when playing at them.

What bankroll should I have to play 15-line slots with?

It is up to you as to just what bankroll you should play 15-line slot machines with. But always gamble responsibly, and only gamble with money that you can afford to lose.

How many 15-line progressive slot machines are there?

A small handful of 15-line slot machines are available online that offer progressive jackpots. The ones that offer more than one progressive jackpot give you a better chance of winning one of those jackpots.