It can take some players an absolute age to decide which online slot machines to play. That is due to most online casinos offering hundreds of different slot games.

But there is a lot to like about some of the 20 pay-line slots available at sites like Zodiac Casino.

With that in mind I want to give you an insight into which slots with 20 pay-lines are always worth playing.

The first thing to be aware of is that such slots can offer two unique playing structures. Optional pay-line slots let you play from one to the maximum number of lines per spin.

But on the other hand, fixed pay-line slots do not let you adjust the number of lines you play. Therefore, those slots must be played with every single line in play and activated.

The savviest slot players will play 20-line slots with all lines in play. To ensure that they never miss out on a winning combination spinning on.

Plus, to ensure the maximum pay-outs over the long term, players should play slots with high RTP’s.

What you will like about Zodiac Casino, is that they list all their slot games RTP’s on their website. That means you simply need to look through that list to find their higher paying 20 pay-line slots.

The best slots with 20 lines to play will be those that have been set with an RTP of 97.00% or higher.

Regularly Triggering Bonus Games

It will of course be slot machines with 20 lines that offer a bonus game most players will want to play.

However, those players seeking those slots will also want plenty of bonus games to trigger too.

That is why therefore I would suggest you pick out a slot that has more than one bonus game on offer. For the higher in number the amount of bonus games a slot machines offers, the better chances you have of triggering them.

Many of the slots with 20 pay-lines available at Zodiac Casino do offer two bonus games. You will find plenty of them that offer a pick to win bonus game and a set of free spins too.

Keep in mind though that on average it usually takes around 150 base game spins before a bonus game is triggered.

That therefore means players should always try and get at least 150 spins out of their bankroll. That way they then stand a very reasonable chance of triggering a bonus game.

On average it takes a lower number of base game spins to trigger a pick to win bonus game. So, you may find you do get awarded those types of bonus games much more regularly.

Questions and Answers About 20 Line Slot Games

There could be all manner of additional questions that you have about playing 20-line slots, and if so, then below I will be answering many such questions.

Can I play fewer than 20 lines per spin?

You will only be allowed to lower the number of lines when playing optional pay-line slots. Fixed pay-line slots give players no option but to play all 20 lines.

What is the average RTP of 20-line slots?

The average long term expected RTP of 20-line slots is 96.00%. There the savviest players will be looking for slots with higher RTP’s than the average ones of course.

Are there lots of high variance 20-line slots?

Dozens of different 20-line slots will be available. But be aware the themes and bonus games can be different, so play ones that appeal to you the most is my advice.

Are 20-line slots suitable for high rollers?

Always gamble responsibly. As 20 pay-line slots can be played for some very high stakes, select a staking option that suits you and your bankroll the best.

Can I play all 20-line slots on my mobile phone?

If you want to play 20-line slots on a mobile phone you will need to download a casino app. One of the most advanced and user-friendly apps is the one offer by Zodiac Casino by the way.

Lots of Different 20 Pay-Line Slots Available

Are fast or speed play options available?

Fast or speed play options are on offer on most 20 pay-line slots. But you will rattle through a lot of spins very quickly when that option setting is activated and turned on.

Can I utilize the auto play settings when playing 20-line slots?

Playing 20 pay-line slots using auto play is something you can do at Zodiac Casino. Plus, you do get lots of configurable settings offered to you via their auto play.

Do online casinos offer big bonuses to players of 20-line slots?

It will always be determined by just which casino site you play at to the size of the bonuses offered. I strongly advise all slot players to read through the terms and conditions of any bonuses. That way you can work out just how generous or not they all are before claiming any of them.

Could I win a progressive jackpot playing 20 pay-line slots?

If you play slot machines that have a progressive jackpot, then you could be lucky enough to win such a jackpot. But you will need to play them in the way that the jackpot does become activated. Such as having to play with maximum coins and pay-lines in live play.

Are demo mode versions of 20 pay-line slots available online?

Most online casinos give players access to demo mode versions of all their slot machines. However, some casinos may not let you play progressive jackpot awarding slots via a demo mode version of them. So do consider trying some of them out as you will certainly find plenty of them that will appeal to you online.