If you haven’t yet come across 243 ways to win slots, they can look confusing at first. However, once you master playing them you really can quickly warm to playing them.

Those slots have five video reels, and three-reel symbols in view on each reel. The playing structure is such that every way to win possible on the visible reel symbols is in play on each spin.

If you multiply three by three a total of five times that results in 243. That is the number of pay-lines you have in play when playing those slots.

However, and this is important, you do not need to wager 243 coins per spin. Instead just one set number of coins, or an increment of those coins can be wagered.

Some 243 ways to win slots cost 25 coins per spin, however some can cost 30, 50 or even 75 coins per spin. As both the increment of coins and the coin values can be adjusted, they are slots suitable for all slot players.

When playing those All Ways and All Pays slots as they are also known, you just need enough matching reel symbols spinning in from left to right.

As every permutations of pay-line will be in play, the more matching reel symbols from left to right you spin in, the more winning combinations you have.

Bonus Games Available on 243 Ways to Win Slots

Due to the unique playing structure of 243 ways to win slots, some unique bonus games can be awarded on them.

One bonus game that is one player do love trigger are wild reel features. Take for example the Immortal Romance slot game designed by Microgaming.

That slot has such a bonus game on offer, which by the way is randomly awarded to players. Once awarded one to five of the reels are then going to be randomly selected.

Those that are will then have their entire reel strips turned into wild symbols. The aim of that bonus game however is for all five reels to be selected.

When that does happen, players are going to get a screenful of wild symbols. That in turn will then see them being awarded with the jackpot pay-out 243 times.

Other bonus games on 243 ways to win slots tend to be free spin bonus games. With 243 ways to win in play via those bonus games too, some huge winning pay-outs could be achieved.

Questions and Answers About 243 Ways to Win Slot Games

As 243 ways to win slots are relatively new, you may have a few questions about playing them online, and if so, then below are the answers to many such questions.

Which All Pays slots have the highest RTP’s?

As each slot game will have its own RTP, you should look them up before playing any slots.

However, it is well known online, and mobile slots often have higher RTP’s than lanced based slots. Therefore, you will have plenty of winning chances when you do play any type of slot game online.

What stakes do I have to play 243 ways to win slots for?

There will be a requirement to wager a set number of coins per spins when playing 243 ways to win slots. So, my advice will be to always check what that requirement is before you start playing. You will be able to alter the value of the coin values too, so you can play for low or high stakes.

Can I win progressive jackpot son All Ways slots?

I haven’t seen many All Ways slots offering huge progressive jackpots. But have a good look around as there are some slots designed that way that do.

Are lots of new 243 ways tow in slots launched regularly?

New slot machines are always being launched at both online and mobile casinos. Just so you know lots of those new slot games will be designed as 243 ways to win slots.

How can I play 243 ways to win slots rapidly?

By using the fast play option you can play lots of spins off on any slot games very quickly. However, just keep in mind you could lose even faster when playing slot games rapidly.

Play Thousands of Slot Machines Online

When should I play online slots?

As all slot machines available online, it doesn’t matter when you play them. You could strike gold and have a huge paying session at any time.

How many comps can I earn playing 243 ways to win slots?

The number of comp points you will earn when playing any slots, will be based on how much play time you give them.

Do many players win big playing 243 ways to win slot machines?

It is always possible to win big playing 243 ways to win slots. It is worth noting though they are all games of chance and no games of skill.

Can I test out any slots online for no risk?

Most casino sites will allow you to test their slots at no risk. So, if you fancy doing just that then visit the websites of any of our featured casinos.

Are 243 ways to win slots available on casino apps?

One final thing to be aware of is that you can now play 243 ways to win slots on a mobile. Just look for a casino site that offers a mobile app, as that is how you will be accessing them.