All slot machines will come with one of several different playing structures. One type of slot game you could enjoy playing are three-reel slots.

Over the years those slot machines have been revamped and redesigned. Therefore, you will now find they can offer a range of different pay-lines and features.

The most basic 3-reel slots offer either a three pay-line or a five pay-line playing structure. But some of them can offer players 27 ways to win instead.

Only the very recently launched three-reel slots have bonus games or bonus featured attached to them. The older styled slots have no bonus games or bonus features so are very basic in their design.

There is something worth knowing about those older slot machines through. That is many of them will offer a higher valued jackpot on the higher numbered reels.

That therefore means the most strategic way to play them is to always activate all pay-lines.

By doing so players then have the chance of winning one of those enhanced jackpot pay-outs. Multiple coin value settings are available on such slots. So, by selecting one you bankroll can sustain you will be able to play with all pay-lines activated.

Also, be aware the RTP’s on such slots can vary too. The slots with RTP’s higher than 97.00% are the ones I recommend you play. Zodiac Casino does by the way have plenty of such slots on offer to online and mobile players.

What Else do 3 Reel Slots Offer?

It’s rare to find 3-reel slots which offer bonus games, but many offer wild multiplier symbols.

The benefit of playing such a slot is that those symbols can boost winning pay-outs. However, the higher the multiplier value the bigger winning pay-outs can be achieved.

Auto play is one option setting most if not all 3-reel slots have on offer. So, if you want to sit back and watch a slot playing itself make use of those settings.

They do come in handy if you have lot of bonus credits in your account. As you can set the slot to play itself whilst you go and do something else.

Do not though expect exciting sound effects or advanced graphics and animations on those slots. But you can expect to play a lot of spins in a short space of time.

Zodiac Casino also let players set their own gambling limits too when playing for real money.

So, if you want to negate the chance of you getting carried away then set a deposit and a loss limit. Comps are awarded when playing 3-reel slots too, and you can quickly amass a lot of comp points when playing 3-reel slots.

Questions and Answers About 3 Reel Slot Games

You may now fancy giving some 3-reel slots a try. But I will now answer several questions that I do know many players have about those types of slots.

Where are 3-reel slot RTP’s listed?

The pay-out percentage information for online slots can be often found on a casino’s website. If not, then check the pay table or the help files attached to such slots.

Do new slots pay-out more than older slots?

The pay-out percentages online slots have been designed around are often set in stone. Therefore, operators of most online casinos cannot increase or decrease them.

Which bonuses if any should I use on 3-reel slots?

As is often the case, it will be high valued deposit match bonuses that should be used on 3-reel slots. By claiming them you will get many bonus credits and more play time from them.

Which 3-reel slots pay-out more jackpots?

It will be the low variance slot machines that pay-out more jackpots to players. But those jackpots tend to be much smaller in value that on medium and high variance slots.

Are high stake 3-reel slots available?

As you can adjust the coin values on most 3-reel slots that means that you can set them to play for high stakes. But also gamble responsibly and play for stake levels you bankroll can sustain.

Where and How to Play 3-Reel Slots

I would strongly advise you to play only at those casinos listed on this website. They are all licensed and regulated so you are guaranteed of playing fair and random slots and fast pay-outs too.

Can I play mobile 3-reel slots?

It isn’t going to be difficult to find a casino app offering lots of 3-reel slot machines. Much like when playing online slots, you will find plenty of low to high staking options on those slots.

Are auto play settings available?

You will always find an auto play option attached to all slot machines, when playing at our featured casinos. So, you can set 3-reel slots to play themselves automatically while you sit back and watch.

Can I play progressive 3-reel slots?

You will come across lots of casino sites that offer a range of progressive 3-reel slots. But make sure you play then in the way that give you a chance of winning their jackpots. Which is often playing them with all pay-lines activated and for maximum bet spins too.

What bankroll will I need to play 3-reel slot games?

3-reel slot machines come with low to high staking options, so you can play them for any stake. That means even players with a small valued bankroll can play them.

Can I test out 3-reel slots at no risk?

You will simply need to play the demo mode versions of 3-reel slots if you want to play them at no risk. Those demo mode slots play with the same payout percentages as the real money slot game by the way. Each of our listed casinos offer a huge range of demo mode slot machines.