One category of slot machine that is not available in great numbers, are 30-line slots. But casinos such as Zodiac Casino do have lots of them on offer.

Just keep in mind though the best way to play those slots is with every line activated. Therefore, you will have to wager at least 30 coins per spin.

To make that affordable, consider altering the coin values and the number of coins per line you activate. But do try and play every single line to get the maximum winning opportunities.

The high variance 30-line slots are in my opinion the best ones to play. Those slots give players the chance of winning much more than when playing low or medium variance slots.

But they can be risky slots to play, as often you get lots of non-winning spins repeatedly.

It is often via the bonus games on 30-line slots that the biggest pay-outs can be achieved.

So, with that in mind look out for such slots that offer a free spins type of bonus game. They often come with high valued multiplier sin play during the free spins round.

However, those 30-line slots that have been set with RTP’s higher than 97.00% should be the ones you play. Playing lots with a lower RTP will see you getting a lower amount of your stake back as winning pay-outs.

Why Play 30 Pay-Line Slots Online?

You are always going to have the option of playing 30-line slot online via a demo mode version of each game. However, the real fun and excitement will come when you choose to play them for real money.

One of the main advantages of playing slot machines and slot game online are the generous bonuses casinos make available.

Those bonuses can ensure you always get the maximum value when playing slots such as 30 pay-line slots.

Keep in mind too that with so many pay-lines, the bigger the bankroll you have when playing 30-line slots the better. With that in mind keep your eyes peeled for any bonus offering a 100% or higher structure.

As for whether you will enjoy playing 30 pay-line slots. It will be those with bonus games and bonus features that I would advise you to play.

Look out for the slots on which two or more bonus games can be awarded to you. For those slots will often trigger their bonus games more than slots offering just one bonus game.

Plus, for those of you that want to try and win big, look out for the progressive 30 pay-line slots too.

Questions and Answers About 30 Line Slot Games

As there could be one or two questions you still have about playing 30-line slots, below I will answer many such questions I am often asked about such slots.

Do all 30 lines need to be activated?

Only on fixed pay-line slots will you need to have all 30 pay-lines activated. Optional pay-line slots do give players the choice of how many lines they wish to have in play per spin.

Can I play progressive 30-line slots online?

You can of course play plenty of 30-line slots online. It will be at casino sites such as Zodiac Casino that will give you a good range of different slots to play though.

Are mobile slots the same as online slots?

The only main difference between mobile and online slots, is the former have been configured for mobile devices. Therefore, the stakes, jackpots and RTP’s will be the same on identical slot machines.

What is the maximum stake I can play 30-line slots for?

It is going to be dependent on just which slots you choose to play, as to the maximum stake levels. But please only play for high stakes if you can afford to do so.

Do 30-line slots have high RTP’s?

Many slot machines that offer 30 pay-lines have decent RTP’s. The average RTP of such slot machines is 96.00% or thereabouts. Slots offering are higher pay-out percentages are the ones you should be tracking down and playing.

Give Some 30 Pay-Line Slots a Try Online

Can I win more than one jackpot when playing 30-line slots?

When playing progressive slots offering several jackpots, then you could win any of them. But only if you are playing in the way that sees the progressive jackpot activated.

Do free game bonus features get triggered often on 30-line slots?

Luck will play a big part in just how many free game bonus features you trigger when playing 30-line slots. Sometimes, though you can play off many base game spins and never trigger them, conversely sometimes you could trigger free game bonus features in very quick succession.

Can I play low variance 30 pay-line slots?

I tend to advise players stick to playing at casinos such as Zodiac Casino, as they have the biggest range of online slots. You will of course find low, medium and even high variance slots at that casino site. Variance is the level of risk you will have on each slot playing session.

Are 30 pay-line slots multi-currency ones?

If you are in Canada then you will of course be eager to play online slots using CAD. That is going to be something you an always do when playing at any showcased casino on this website. You can deposit, play and withdrawal using Canadian Dollars at each of those casino sites too.

Can I get lots of comps when playing 30 pay-line slot machines?

If you stick to playing at my showcased casinos, you are always going to be earning comp points as you play. Those points can then be exchanged and turned into playing credits at a time of your own choosing too.