Zodiac Casino have a huge suite of different slot machines, so you will find the ones that you enjoy playing there. If you like playing video slots, then with hundreds of them available you will have hours of fun at that casino site.

However, the best slot playing sessions any player can have are those that give them lots of play time.

Therefore, the slot machines players should be looking to play are the ones with the best pay-out percentages. By playing slots with high RTP’s you will get more pay-outs over the long term.

By being able to recycle your winnings time and time again is how you get longer slot playing sessions.

You may therefore be wondering which 5 pay-line slots have the best and higher RTP’s. Well, the easiest way to discover those slots is to look at the website of Zodiac Casino.

By doing so you will see that they list the RTP’s of all their slot machines. So, it will be a breeze to check though that list of find the slots with the highest pay-out percentages.

The general rule I tend to stick by is to only play slot machines that have RTP’s higher than 97.00%.

By doing so you will tend to get lots of winning pay-outs, and the bonus game triggered regularly on those slots too.

Low and High Risk 5 Line Slots

Even though you will find plenty of 5-line slots to play, do remember that they will all fit into one category of game, regarding their variance.

Slot variance is the level of risk each slot machine has been designed to deliver to players.

The lowest risk 5-line slot machines are those with a low variance. Those slot machines offer modestly sized jackpot but have lots of low valued winning combinations on their pay table.

As such when playing those types of slots, you will get lots of winning combinations spinning in. But they are going to be low valued ones that will let you recycle your bankroll plenty of times.

If you are not averse to risk when playing slot machines, then the medium or high variance slots will suit you.

When playing high variance slots, you will not get lots of low valued winning combinations spinning in. But you will have the chance of winning some huge valued winning pay-outs.

Both bonus game awarding ad non bonus game awarding slots offer 5 lines. Some of the once available at Zodiac Casino offer a both ways playing structure too.

Meaning that all winning combinations can be formed left to right and right to left across the screen.

Questions and Answers About 5 Line Slot Games

I hope you have found this guide of interest, but if you do have any additional questions about 5 pay-line slots, they may be answered below.

What’s the lowest stake level offered on 5-line slots?

The lowest coin value settings offered by 5-line slots are one penny or one cent. However, most such slots give you the ability of playing for some much higher stake levels of course.

Do I have to play all lines on 5-line slots?

You can play as many or as few of the lines on offer on optional pay-line slots as you like. However, that is not an option when you play fixed line slots as all lines need to be activated when playing those slots.

Can I trigger free games playing 5 lines slots?

I haven’t come across many 5-line slot machines which offer free games bonus games. But there are a small number of them available, so you will have to hunt them down.

Which casinos have the best range of slot machines?

It will be those casinos on this website that have the best selection of slot machines. Plenty of brand new five-reel slots are also launched at those casinos each month of the year too.

Learn More About 5 Line Slots

Do mobile slots offer the same RTP’s as online slots?

The same slot machines from the same slot game designers online and on mobile apps will be set with the same RTP’s. Do you will not be making compromises regarding paybacks no matter how or where you choose to play them.

Can I play 5-line slots on a tablet device?

Both a mobile web browser and a casino app is offered by most casino sites. Therefore, you can play any slot machines you like on a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone.

How many comps will I earn playing 5-line slots?

It is all dependent on just how much real money action you give any slots machines as to how many comps points you will earn. The longer you play the more points you will amass. Online and mobile casinos will however have their own unique players clubs and loyalty scheme.

Which 5-line slots offer progressive jackpots?

Both video slots and three-reel slots which have five lines can have progressive jackpots on offer. Just make sure though, that you play them in the way required to have a chance of winning their jackpots.

Can I use auto play when playing 5-line slots?

There will be an auto play options setting attached to most five-line slots. Therefore, if you want to sit back as a slot machine playing itself automatically, you can do just that. But also pick a stake level that you bankroll can sustain, and you can afford too.

Are there many basic playing 5-line slots?

I have found that the 3-reel slots with five lines, usually have a very basic play structure. Therefore, if you like playing uncomplicated slot machines, then they are the ones that you should be tracking down and playing.