If you can afford to play 50 lines per spin, then you will enjoy playing 50-line slots online.

Thanks to casinos such as Zodiac Casino, offering multiple coin value settings, you can play for just 0.50 spin. However, those coin value settings can of course be increased if you are a high-stake slot player.

You will of course find that you can play fewer than 50 lines on optional pay-line slots. But you will risk seeing winning combinations spinning in on non-activated pay-lines when you do so.

Therefore, my number one tip for playing all 50-line slots is to play them with every line in play.

As to what makes playing those slots so appealing, well its often the high pay-out potential of the bonus games.

Many 50-line slots offer stacked wild and other reel symbols. Therefore, it is possible to spin in many matching reel symbols.

It is also worth noting many 50-line slots have free games bonus round with multipliers in play. As such the multipliers can massively boost the value of all winning pay-outs.

Get a screenful of matching symbols during a free game bonus round and the pay-outs can be mega in size. But it is also possible to win big on those types of slot machines on the base game too.

Get More Play Time When Playing 50 Line Slots

So, how it is possible to get more play time if you do decide to play 50 pay-line slots? Well, top of your list of slots to play should be those with the highest paybacks.

When playing at casinos such as Zodiac Casino, you will discover all their slot game RTP’s are listed on their website. So, make sure that you take a good look though that list to find the higher paying slots.

Next, whilst bonuses do come with play through requirements, they will boost your bankrolls value. New player bonuses do tend to be the most generous ones to claim.

Once you have claimed such a bonus keep in mind plenty of additional bonus offers will then be made available to you. Also, comps can come in handy when you are playing real money slots online.

If you haven’t yet played slot machines online, be aware each casino site will have a loyalty scheme. When playing slots, you will earn points each time you play. The more spins you play off the more point you will amass.

Those comp points as they are known can then be turned into playing credits. But make sure you select a casino that offers a low redemption rate.

Luck does of course also play a part in whether you will win or lose when playing slot machines. But players should always cash out their winnings and never risk losing them back to the casino.


Questions and Answers About 50 Line Slot Games

You will have plenty of fun playing 50-line slots. But for those of you that still have a few questions about them, then below are the answers to the most asked questions.

Can I Play 50-line slots for low stakes?

As most 50-line slots have adjustable pay-lines, you can lower them and therefore play for lower stakes. But maximum line players will get the maximum chances of spinning in a winning combination.

Are 50-line slots suitable for high rollers?

You will find that as the coin value settings can be set high, 50-line slots are suitable for high rollers. But always play and gamble responsibly and set yourself a limit too.

Which bonuses are the best to use on 50 pay-line slots?

Those bonuses with low play through requirements are the best ones to use on 50-line slots. Just make sure the other bonus terms and fair and reasonable too.

What option settings are available?

The option settings offered on 50-line slots will be quite varied. You can speed up the speed of each spin and play around with the sound settings too. Plus, you will find plenty of additional auto play setting on all online slot machines.

Can I test drive 50-line slots online?

You can of course test drive any slot games you like the look of online. At our featured casinos those demo mode slots have the same RTP’s as the real money slots. That means you get a fair feeling for the way they play and pay. Either when you are playing them at no risk or when you start playing them for real money instead.

Lots of 50 Line Slots Available Online

Are there many mobile 50-line slots?

You will find just as many 50-line mobile slot games as online slots. Plus, those slot games will come with the same staking options and RTP’s as the same online slots too.

What is the best bankroll to play 50-line slots with?

I suggest you always aim to get at least 100 spins out of your bankroll. So, multiple the stake you want to play for by 100, to be guaranteed of getting at least 100 spins per session.

Do 50 lines slots have progressive jackpots?

If you are wondering whether 50 pay-line slot machines offer progressive jackpots well some of them do. Just try and play them in the way they have been designed to award their jackpots.

Can 50-line slots award wheel spinning bonus rounds?

Any type of bonus game or bonus feature you can think of will be on offer on some 50-line slots. So, if you enjoy triggering wheel spinning bonus games you will find some of those slots do have them.

Which online casinos have the most slot machines?

Casino like Zodiac Casino are the ones that do tend to have the most slot machines. When playing at that casino site you will have access to hundreds of different slot machines.

Frequently Asked Questions about 50 Pay-line Slots

Let me now look at some of the most frequently asked questions that players do tend to ask a lot about playing 50-line slots. Keep in mind that each slot will also come with a pay table that will give you an overview of the winning combinations that can be formed and the value of the payouts too.

Can I play 50-line progressive slot machines?

What you will find interesting is that every single one of our featured casino sites are going to have lots of different slot machines on offer. Therefore, if you are looking to play 50-line slots and slots with progressive jackpots you will find a good mix of those slots on offer at those online casino sites.

Wil I be forced to play 50 payline slots for high stakes?

Never think that by switching some or even all your one-time land-based slot machine playing action online you are going to have to then play for stake levels that are high. 50-line slot machines like all others will offer you a range of different staking options so can be play for low to high stakes.

Is each spin on 50-line slots random?

You should never take risks when gambling online and that is why I advise everyone wishing to play 50-line slot machines to stick to playing at those casinos listed on this website. Each casino does offer players certified random slot machines which are 100% fair of course.

Do 50-line slots have auto play?

Some of you out there may fancy playing slot machines online such as 50-line slots in your own unique way. If so, then always give the option settings a click to play around with those settings. All online slot machines at our rated casino sites also offer players an auto play setting too.

Can I play a good range of 50-line slots online?

I think you will be very impressed with the current range of 50 payline slot games on offer at our featured casino sites, however there will not be a huge number of them available. But please do check those sites out as they do launch plenty of brand-new slot machines each month of the year some of which may just be 50-line slots.

How many slot game bonuses are offered to 50-line slot players?

The variety of bonuses that you will be offered as a player that plays 50 line slots will be impressive, and as such do checkout the websites and the promotional pages of the websites of the casino sites I have listed through this site for details of the bets valued bonuses currently up for grabs to players.