Lots of slot machines will be offering you a 9 pay-line playing structure. However, some of those slots will have fixed pay-lines and some will have optional pay-lines.

When playing fixed pay-line slots, you have no control over the number of pay-lines you can activate. Optional pay-line slots however will let you put into play as many or as few lines as you wish to play.

The main attraction of 9 pay-line slots though, is that they are cost effective slots to play. Due to the relatively low number of pay-lines offers on such slots.

However, as you will soon discover when playing at site like Zodiac Casino, there are lots of those slots available. You will have to decide just what type of slot playing session you want as to which slots you should play.

If you like triggering bonus games, then look for slot machines that offer more than one bonus game. Bonus games offered on 9-line slots often include free spins, picking games or sometimes wheel spinning games too.

The art to getting the best winning opportunities playing 9-line slots though is to look up the RTP’s of those slots.

By doing so you will discover some slots have high RTP’s and some have rather low ones.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to RTP’s is the higher they are the better.

So, pick out 9-line slots that have an RTP set over the long term no lower than 97.00%.

Tips for Playing 9 Pay-Line Slots

The coin values and the stakes levels will be adjustable on all 9-line slots. Therefore, make sure that you initially set each spin to play off for a stake level that you can afford.

Next, look out for slots that will be offering you a bonus game or bonus feature you enjoy triggering. That way you will at least be playing a slot that could award you wish a bonus game you love being awarded.

Be aware that it is important you pick a slot machine with 9 lines that will give you the type of playing session you want.

As such if you want to have the chance of winning big consider playing a high variance slot. The progressive jackpot awarding slots however do give you the chance of winning very big.

If you simply want to get lots of play time and lots of entertainment pick out a low variance 9-line slot to play instead.

Make sure that you always set yourself a few limits when playing 9-line slots. Those limits could be a loss limit and possibly a winning goal too. When you either reach your loss limit or winning goal stop playing.

Questions and Answers About 9 Line Slot Games

Here are the answers to a range of different questions about playing 9 pay-line slot machines that some of you may find of interest.

What jackpots do 9-line slots offer?

There will be a mix of fixed coin and progressive jackpot 9-line slots available at most casino sites. Keep in mind the latter may require you to play for a much higher stake to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Can I play 9-line fruit machines online?

Fruit machines are a type of slot game usually found in the UK. Those that are available online tend to offer just one single pay-line, such as the Pub Fruity game.

What types of bonus games do 9-line slots offer?

Free spins, pick and win, pick and match and even wheel spinning bonus games are found on 9-line slots. The pay table is where you will find details of how they trigger and how they play off too.

Do mobile slot games have multiple stake options?

Never think playing mobile slots will see you having to make any compromises. The RTP’s, stake levels and jackpots will be the same on mobile slots as they are on online slot games.

Are 9-line slots suitable for high rollers?

Make no mistake about it, you will find plenty of 9-line slots that do offer some very high staking options. But savvy slot players will always play responsibly and play for stake levels they can afford.

Loads of 9 Line Slots Accessible Online

When is the best time to play 9-line slots online?

There is no good or bad time to play 9-line slots. But when you play progressive slots, try and play them when their jackpots are higher in value than the average amount, they pay-out. That way you may stand a greater chance of winning an overdue jackpot.

Can I get free spin credits playing 9-line slots?

Many online and mobile casino sites give away free no risk spins to players of 9-line slots. The best free spin promotions are those which award winnings view those free spins as cash credits.

How many 9-line slots are available online?

Hundreds of different 9-line slot machines are what you will find awaiting you when you choose to play online.

Do many new 9-line slots get launched?

Not that many brand-new slots offering nine pay-line are launched regularly, But Zodiac Casino does tend to have lot of new slots going live on their gaming platforms each month. So, always do spend a little bit of time looking to see just which new slot machines have recently been launched.

Which casinos give away the best slot machine bonus offers?

Those casinos I have listed on this website are going to be offering you lots of casino bonuses. They offer new player bonuses and ongoing bonuses, all of which are completely optional. Plus, any bonus credits that you do claim are made available in your casino account instantly too.