The best Blackjack games to play are those with the lowest house edge.

The house edge is the percentage of the players stake that a casino is expected to win from them.

There are two things that can and do affect the house edge though.

The first are the game play rules, and the second is the skill of the player.

Variants with the lowest house edges are what players should be playing.

If there are lots of decks of cards in the shoe that can often increase the house edge.

Low winning pay-outs can also increase the house edge too.

Avoid playing Blackjack games that pay 6/5 for a winning players Blackjack hand.

Players should be playing games that pay 3/2 for such hands.

Making basic playing errors can increase the house edge. Therefore, players need to learn how to play off every hand dealt out to them optimally.

An easy way to play each hand perfectly is to get a Blackjack strategy card for the variant you are playing.

Those cards list each possible hand combination and let players know what move to make next. Progressive Blackjack games can be very tempting to players and variants with bonus pay-outs.

However, as often a side bet needs to be placed the house edges attached to those side bets are often high.

Learn the best strategy for the game being played and avoid placing side bets is my advice.

One side bet offered to players is the Insurance bet. That bet is offered when a dealer has an ace for example.

If the dealer gets a ten valued card alongside the Ace, then such a bet pays out at odds of 2/1.

That side bet must be avoided at all costs, due to the massive house edge associated with it.

Online Blackjack Game Variants Available Online

Many Blackjack game variants are available online at casinos such as Zodiac Casino. There is one game that is worth playing, due to a very low house edge. That game is the single hand Classic Blackjack game.

Played optimally, that variant has a house edge of a tiny 0.13%. Therefore, it should be right at the top of players lists of Blackjack games to play online.

The range of bonus pay-outs offered on the progressive Blackjack game at Zodiac Casino are appealing.

But as mentioned above the forced side bet required when playing that variant makes it a high house edge game.

A surrender option is available one some Blackjack game variants. But by surrendering a hand, players then get back half of their stake money.

That may seem like a good option to take, but there are only a few occasions it should be taken.

Multi-Hand games and not only single hand Blackjack games are available too.

However, once again the house edge on those variants are high and as such should not be played.

Even the Classic Blackjack multi-hand variant has a higher house edge than the single hand variant.

Just make sure you learn the best possible playing strategy before playing for real money.

If you deviate from playing perfect strategy you are going to be making costly errors that increase the house edge.

Questions and Answers About Blackjack Games

Next, I will be moving onto answering a diverse range of questions that some of you may have about Blackjack.

What is the lowest stake I can play online Blackjack for?

Just £/$/€1 per hand is the lowest stake available on most Blackjack games.

Much higher maximum table stake limits are also available too.

Are comp points awarded when playing for real money?

Comp points will be awarded when playing at my featured casino sites.

Points earned playing Blackjack can be redeemed for additional playing credits.

Are live dealer Blackjack games better than software driven games?

Live dealer games are played at a much slower pace that software driven games.

So be aware you can play more hands per session when playing the latter.

How do I know online Blackjack games are fair?

Certified fair and random games are offered at my approved casinos.

Independent third-party game certification companies have verified those games at random.

Can I play progressive Blackjack games online?

Most casino sites will have at least one progressive Blackjack game on offer.

A forced or optional side bet is required when playing those games to activate the progressive jackpot.

Mobile Blackjack Game Questions and Answers

I will now answer some questions that relate to playing Blackjack on a mobile device.

Are mobile compatible Blackjack games available?

Mobile Blackjack games are of course available on the casino app offered by Zodiac Casino.

Is the house edge on mobile Blackjack games the same as online variants?

You will find the house edges mobile Blackjack games are set are the same as the online variants.

What are the best mobile and online bonus to claim for Blackjack?

Deposit match bonuses with very low play through requirements are the ones players should claim.

But only those that do not limit how much you can win and cash out with your bonus credits.

How much should I wager per hand playing Blackjack?

Try and equate the value of your bankroll to the stake levels you play for.

Playing for too high a stake could see your bankroll being diminished very quickly.

Most players wager one twentieth of their bankrolls value per hand played.

Can I play blackjack using an auto play setting?

An auto play option is available on most Blackjack game variants.

By using that setting the game will play each hand using the best basic strategy for that game.

It will be possible at most casino sites to adjust the strategy sued via the auto play setting too.