Cash Splash Progressive Slot

For a progressive slot game that launched way back in 1998, the Cash Splash slot really has stood the test of time, and has proven to be a Zodiac Slots that many players simply cannot resist playing when logged into a Canadian Online Casinos offering the suite of Microgaming designed games.

What you may find interesting about it is that there are two different versions of the slot available at Zodiac Casino, but both of them require a 3.00 stake to be placed by players to have any chance of winning the jackpot.

The 1.00 fixed coin three reeled single pay line version was the first one launched followed by the 15 pay line, 0.20 fixed coin version. Those two online slots share the same jackpot pool and as such as long you are playing maximum bet stakes on either of them you have a chance of winning that jackpot.

There are no bonus games or bonus features attached and on offer on either slot, which results in them both being fast playing slots.

They are, quite unusually, multi-currency slots and as such the currency you have your casino account set to is the currency you will be playing the slots for and will also be the currency you will get paid out the jackpot by if you are ever lucky enough to win it!

However, the seed value of the jackpot is actually in GBP, so any difference between the currency any jackpot winner wins the jackpot in and the value of UK Pounds Sterling is added back into the jackpot pool once it has been won.

Cash Splash Slot Jackpot History

The progressive jackpot son offer on the Cash Splash slot game can and often do get won several times a day and that is of course something you should keep in mind for whenever you do decide to play it when playing maximum bet spins then you always have a chance of winning its jackpot.

To help you make up your own mind in regards to when may just be the very best time to play this slot in regards to the value of the current jackpot on offer, below we have a wealth of facts and figures relating to the average jackpot won, when the jackpots were last won and also when on average number of horse or days when the jackpots have been paid out to winning players, so read on to find out more!

Cash Splash slot game recent jackpots include GBP 16,502 won on Sat 03 Sept 2017, GBP 16,337 won on Sat 03 Sept 2017, GBP 14,342 won on Fri 02 Sept 2017, GBP 66,556 won on Fri 02 Sept 2017 and a jackpot worth GBP 82,269 won on Thu, 31 Aug 2017.

The Cash Splash progressive slot game has a jackpot that pays out to each winning player on average Dollars / EURO / GBP 639,188 each time the jackpot is won. The amount of time in between each progressive jackpot being won on the Cash Splash slot is 17 hours and 37 minutes.