Slot machines that have three reels and just one pay-line are collectively known as classic slots.

They tend to appeal to players that enjoy basic slot playing sessions. That is due to them not having any bonus games or bonus features.

Whilst not all players enjoy playing classic slots, plenty of players do. Therefore, this guide is going to look at the best ones available online.

Rapid fire sessions are what you will be having when playing classic slots. With no bonus games to be triggered and played off plenty of spins can be played off very quickly.

High pay-out percentages are what you should be looking for when playing those slots. The higher the RTP the more of your stake money you will be paid out over the long term.

Casinos such as Zodiac Casino have plenty of classic slots available. With that in mind it is that casino site that you should be playing at.

As for the slots that offer the highest RTP’s there are plenty of them to pick and choose from.

Two that do stand out though are the Couch Potato slot along with the High 5 slot. Both have been designed to return 97.40% of players stakes over the long term.

No other classic slots from Microgaming have RTP’s as high as those two slots.

Low, Medium and High Variance Classic Slots

Variance is the level of risk that any slot machine will be offering you. There are three main types of variance slot machines will have been built around.

The lowest risk slots are those which have been designed as low variance slots. Those games pay-out lots of lower valued winning pay-outs which allow players to recycle their bankrolls many times.

Medium variance slots offer a mid-range of winning pay-outs, and often can award some significant jackpots.

However, it is the high variance slots most players enjoy playing. Those types of slot machines can every now and then award a mega size winning pay-out.

The only downside to high variance slots, is sometimes they can suck the life out of your bankroll.

Therefore, if you want an exciting type of slot playing session, try and play a mix of different slots. Start playing low variance slots then medium variance slots, and then give the high variance slots some play time too.

To get even more play time, also consider claiming a casinos slot related bonus offers.

But pick out those that has a low play through requirement. That way you are not going to have to play through your bonus credits a huge number of times.

Questions and Answers About Classic Slot Games

You may have some questions about playing classic slot games. As such you could find the answers to those questions in the following section.

Are Classic slots suitable for low stake players?

You will find plenty of classic slot machines that have coin values as low as one cent. Therefore, those slot machines are suitable for all low stake players and low rollers.

Do new Classic slots get launched regularly?

Sadly, not that many brand-new classic slot machines are launched regularly. But even the older styled ones that have been around for ages are well worth playing.

Could I win a progressive jackpot on a Classic slot?

Several progressive jackpot awarding classic slot machines are available. But they often come with a fixed coin value and require maximum coin spins to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Do casinos give away comps to Classic slot players?

Casinos such as Zodiac Casino do give away comps to players of their real money classic slot machines. In fact, that casino site has one of the most rewarding comp clubs online.

That comp club scheme is a multi-tiered one. So, the more comp points you earn the higher up the tiers of their loyalty scheme you will move.

What themes are built into Classic slots?

You will often find quite basic themes are used on classic slot machines. In fact, most of them are simply fruit related themes which fit in with the reel symbols on such slots.

Always Gamble Responsibly

Can I play Classic slots on a mobile device?

Never be under the illusion you are going to miss out on playing any type of slot when playing on a mobile.

You will find a huge array of classic slot machines are offered on most casino apps. Therefore, no matter what type of mobile device you have you will always get access to plenty of slots.

Do any Classic slots offer bonus games?

Some classic slot machines will offer a bonus game. But those that do tend to offer a very basic type of bonus game, which could be a wheel spin type of feature round.

How do I spot a high variance Classic slot?

It is relatively simple to spot a high variance classic slot machine. They tend to offer wild multiplier symbols which can massively boost the value of any winning combinations they hep to form.

The jackpot pay-out on high variance classic slots also tend to be very high in value too.

Can I use auto play on a Classic slot?

The auto play option setting will be available on most classic slot machines. So, you can set those slots to play themselves automatically on your chosen stake amount.

Casinos like Zodiac Casino also let players configure several other things into the auto play. Thus, allowing players full control over how a session will be played off.

Are gamble games offered on Classic slots?

A double or nothing gamble game may be offered on a small number of classic slot machines. However, there are always risk attached to taking that gamble game. So, keep that in mind when playing such slots when you are offered it.