Every now and then a brand new and one of the best microgaming casinos comes along which is called Cosmo Casino that is run to the very highest standards that I am more than happy to showcase it to you on our Zodiac Casino site.

I tend to steer very clear of showcasing and introducing to my website visitors casino sites that have not been in business for very long, due to the fact they do not have a track record in giving players a fully rounded gaming experience, and therefore I would rather wait until they do have a track record of doing so before they get reviewed and listed on this website.

Cosmo Casino Mobile

That way I can be more than confident of the sites you do find reviewed and showcased through this website are going to be of the very highest standards and will give you an enjoyable gaming experience.

However, there is one new casino site has just gone live and I am more than happy to introduce that Luxury Casino to you due to the fact it is run and operated by a group of casinos that have been around for over 20 years now, and as such that casino site has a first class pedigree.

That casino is Cosmo Casino, and if you are hunting around for a brand new casino site at which to play at but one that is always going to deliver to you an enjoyable gaming experience and one that you are always going to be happy to return to time and time again then please read on!

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Below you will find a range of different reasons why I just know you will never look back as a player at Cosmos Casino and you will also find out in detail all of the unique features and aspects of the casino site that you really will appreciate, so if you are thinking about trying out a new casino I do think Cosmo Casino should be the one you do sign up to and play at!

State of the Art Gaming Platforms and Software

If you are thinking of signing up to a new online casino site, and you are interested in becoming a player at Cosmo Casino, then you will of course need to have an idea of just how you are going to be able to access the games that new casino site have on offer!

There are three completely different ways that you can access the range of games available at Cosmo Casino, and below I will let you know what those three ways are.

Firstly you are going to be given the option of making use of a downloadable gaming platform, and by doing so you will then have access to the biggest and most diverse range of casino games, all of which have been designed and supplied by Microgaming.

Cosmos Casino also has a mobile casino app too, and as such you will of course be able to download that app onto any type of mobile device and then can play their impressive range of games whenever you want to and from wherever you are too!

There is however another way that you may prefer to access the range of games at Cosmo Casino, and that is by you making use of the instant play no download gaming platform.

That instant play platform does contain hundreds of different casino games all designed by Microgaming and as they load into your web browser you can instantly swap games and play all manner of different games without ever having to download anything onto your computer, so do consider using that software platform if it appeals to you!

A Huge Suite of Different Cosmo Casino Games

It is the games that are going to impress you the most, no matter how you decide to play at Cosmo Casino, for being supplied and designed by Microgaming you are going to be guaranteed of finding the games that you enjoy playing the most, and plenty of individual games are available in each single game category too.

Let me start off by letting you know that much like all other casino sites, you are going to find hundreds of great playing and potentially very high paying slot games when you sign up to this casino site.

You will have access to three reel slots, including single line and multi line slots, and if you love playing video slots that can and will trigger all manner of different bonus games there will be plenty of them for you to pick and choose from too.

Progressive slot games are also available and if you ever in a progressive jackpot at Cosmo Casino, no matter how huge that jackpot is they will pay you out in a lump sum single payment.

Card and table games may just be the game you always make a beeline to play, and I am pleased to let you know that you will find all manner of different table and card games variants on offer, including some that have bonus bets and progressive jackpots attached to them too.

Video poker players are of course going to have access to both single hand and multi hand variants of video poker plus you will find some new level up video poker games and progressive games on offer too.

Playing unique games such as scratchcard games and keno games is also something else you will find you can do when playing at Cosmo Casino, and you can play them for free or for real money too!

The Best Online Casino Loyalty Scheme

Getting lots of bonuses, comps and invitations to take part in ongoing promotional deals is something that you are going to get as a player at Cosmo Casino, for their player comp club is a very generous one that will always reward your loyalty to the casino.

Each time you are playing and using your own real money credits a set number of comp points will then be credited to your account, as soon as you have accumulated enough of them you will be given the option of being able to exchange them for playing credits.

It is up to you when you do cash them in for playing credits, but compared to a great many other loyalty schemes you will find the comps awarded at Cosmo Casino are much higher in value.

Ongoing bonuses that are going to flow your way are often going to be tailored to the types of casino games that you play at this casino site, so if for example you enjoy playing slot games then you will receive lots of slot game related bonus offers.

Make sure therefore that you check the email account you linked up to your casino account as it will be via email their casino hosts will be making contact with you and offering you their bonuses and promotional deals.

Always read the terms and conditions though of any bonus to ensure you fully understand how to claim and play off any ongoing bonus offers that you have chosen to claim and make use of.

Multi Currency Account Settings

One aspect of ensuring you are never going to have to pay more for depositing money into any online casino set or be faced to have to pay all manner of additional fees and charges when making a withdrawal from such a site that you need to make a note of is in regards to the currency option settings that will be available to you at any casino site.

What you should be ideally looking for is a casino site that offers you the ability of signing up in your own home currency as that way you are never going to have to pay money conversions costs when depositing or making a withdrawal.

I am therefore happy to let you know that as a player at Cosmo Casino, when you first are filling in their registration form on any of their gaming platforms, you will indeed have the option and ability of picking just which currency setting you want to have in place on that newly opened up account.

Make sure that you do of course pick the one that is most convenient to you and by doing so each time you make a deposit and wish to play your deposits will be processed in that currency.

Plus, when you make a withdrawal your winnings will also be paid out to you in that currency also, and you will of course also have more than enough different ways available to you to make a deposit instantly and also plenty of withdrawal options are also going to be on offer to you too.

For more details of all of their currently available payment options and withdrawals options simply take a look over the cashiers section on their website for a full and definitive list of all of them and an overview of the payout times and the deposit and withdrawal limits too.

Choosing a Language Option

All players at Cosmo Casino in addition to being able to select the currency setting for their casino account are also going to be able to pick a language option too, the standard setting is of course English, however if that is not your main language of choice then you do have plenty of options to change it.

In fact, when visiting the Cosmo Casino website you are more than welcome to opt for one of the additional language option settings available on their website.

Keep in mind that when you use any of their many different gaming platforms by changing the language option settings then all of the game play rules and betting and playing buttons will also be changed to that language you have selected too, which should certainly make understand which each game play button does much easier to understand!

To ensure all players get any questions answered quickly or if they are experiencing any type of problems getting those problems rectified quickly too Cosmo Casino do also offer a multi language player support service too.

As such you are going to be able to contact their support team at any time of the day or night using any of their available channels and will be able to communicate with them all in your own home language of choice too.

If you want to know anything else about the range of additional services offered by Cosmo Casino then please do take a few minutes looking over their website, for it is jam paced full of all manner of different information that you are bound to find very useful, if you have any questions relating to their games then launch the games and read through the help files attached to them.

First Class Customer Support

Let me move onto letting you know all there is to know about the customer support service that you can always contact as a player of even as a potential player of Cosmo Casino.

Their support team first and foremost work around the clock, so no matter when you do want any help or support you are always going to be able to make contact with them.

You can send them an email if you prefer and by doing so they will respond and reply rapidly, however you will also find that they offer several different toll free phone numbers but the way I think you may prefer contacting them by is via the instant chat service.

As mentioned up above you do of course have the ability of contacting them via any language you like and there will always be someone on duty that will be able to help you out, so never be afraid of making contact with them should you have any questions what so ever about the casino.

One very handy feature if you are thinking of playing any casino games that you may never have played before that you should make use of are the help files attached to each individual game.

You can consult those help files when playing either in a real money playing environment or when playing their range of games for free and they will give you a complete overview of the way each game has been designed to play and pay.

The payout percentages will also be listed somewhere on the Cosmo Casino website, but being supplied by Microgaming you will find all of the game payout percentages or house edges listed somewhere online too so you are always going to be able to look them up.

Hassle Free Account Verification

As a fully licensed and regulated online casino site, one of the security measures in place at Cosmo Casino is an account verification requirement, and as such when you do sign up as a player to ensure the protection of your account and to stop any type of fraud attempts you will have to get your account fully verified.

That will entail you having to send into the casino security teams copies of certain documents, so that they can then verify your name, address and also your age. As such be prepared to send into them copies of a passport or driving license, and also a recent utility bill.

The process for getting your account verified is very fast and very efficient and once done and you account has been fully verified you are then going to benefit from rapid winning payouts and will have any additional deposit or withdrawal limits and caps removed from your account.

Keep in mind also that if you sign up via any one gaming channel such as the downloadable gaming platform, then your username and password will also give you access to each of their other gaming platforms too.

As such you are not going to be forced to have to sign up for another account if you ever want to swap and change the way that you access any of their gaming platforms. If you do change address at any time then do remember to update your details with the casino site and you will be able to do so by contacting their customer care team at any time of the day or night.

You will find high deposit and withdrawal limits on their banking interface, however you will also be able to deposit and withdraw some nominal amounts too if you are a low stake player.

Real Time Deposits and Fast Winning Payouts

To be able to play at Cosmo Casino as a real money player, you will of course need to find a deposit option that is preferable and suitable to you, do keep in mind at all times though if you ever want to play for free then you are going to be able to do just that at any time.

Players can fund their accounts using any major credit card or any major debit card and if you have a prepaid debit card then you will have no problems being able to use those cards to as a way to fund your casino account.

There are of course plenty of other ways that you can make a deposit at any time and as such if you wish to use a web wallet such as Skrill or Neteller then that is something you are going to be able to do and they also accept prepaid vouchers too.

All deposits made will be processed in real time and if you make the decision of claiming any bonuses then those bonuses are also going to be credited to your account at the same time your deposits are processed and added to your account, so you can start to play with them straight away.

In regards to how you can withdraw your winnings, then keep in mind that as mentioned above you will first need to get your casino account fully verified and by going so you can then make a withdrawal at any time choosing any method you like.

They do of course pay their winning verified players in the fastest possible time frames and they do have some very high daily withdrawal limits in place on their banking interface too, and if you win a progressive jackpot you can request the winnings are paid out to you via one single payment too!

A Casino You Can Trust

At the end of the day any online and mobile casino site is only going to ever be as good as their reputation dictates, however as Cosmo Casino is part of a much larger and much trusted casino group I am always more than happy to present them to all of my website visitors.

Keep in mind that you are always free to test out any part of their casino site that interests you, for you can sign up to use their online or mobile gaming platforms and give their great playing games so play time for free and at no risk at any time.

If you do decide to sign up and play for real money then keep in mind our high valued exclusive bonus that you are going to be able to claim, however that bonus is completely optional so if you could prefer to play with your own money without any buns credits then you are going to be more than welcome to do so.

With thousands of different casino sites all vying of your business and real money gaming action, as a player you should always play at only the top rated and best run and operated casino sites, and that is certainly something you will be doing as a player at Cosmo Casino.

Give them a try as soon as you can do for I am more than confident that when you experience playing their games, make use of their support service or make a deposit or a withdrawal you will be very impressed with every aspect of their operation and you will always be more than happy to play there so give them a try and see how you get on!