Unlike quite a number of other casino news and information website, The Golden Tiger Casino is one of the best online casinos on offer and one thing you will never find we do on our website is place huge lists of different casino sites for you to play at.

golden tiger casino review

The reason when do not do that is that we believe in quality over quantity, and as such every single casinos site you will see us list, showcase and review will have been handpicked by us and will exceed or set high criteria for approval.

One such casino site that we are always very happy to recommend to our website visitors is the Zodiac Casino site, when you are a player there you are going to be accessing the entire and huge and also very impressive range of Microgaming software powered casino games, so will have access to hundreds of online casino games of every description.

It does of course go without saying that Golden Tiger Casino is both fully licensed and fully regulated and as such you are always going to find their casino games and all fair and random and they adhere to the very highest of standards expected from an online casino site.

There are also many additional benefits to be had that will instantly be coming your way as a new player at Golden Tiger Casino, and with that in mind we would encourage you to read this entire review of that casino site to find out just what will be on offer to you as one of their new real money players!

Golden Tiger Casino Bonus Offers

You will be given the option when you sign up as a new player at Golden Tiger Casino of setting your newly opened casino account to one of several different currencies, so t is important that you select the one that you use at home!

Once you have opened your real money Golden Tiger account then when you log into it for the very first time in the lobby of the Zodiac Casino Mobile you will see a message alerting you to the fact that you can claim their 1500.00 new player free play bonus offer.

You will have to opt into that promotion by simply following the instructions on the screen and by doing so Golden Tiger Casino will then credit your account with a no deposit free play bonus of 1500.00.

You will then have one full hour to try and increase the initial free bonus amount, for when you do and you win 20.00 or up to 100.00 then the casino will allow you to end that free play session and get those winnings added to your casino account a bonus credits.

To be able to claim those free play winnings as bonus credits you are obliged to make an initial deposit of 40.00 into your casino account. Please take a good look over the Golden Tiger Casino website for a full overview of the terms and the conditions of this very easy to claim and very generous Luxury Casino sign up bonus offer!

Golden Tiger Casino Reviews

When you do start to play at any online casino site or are thinking of signing up to one of them you may be a little wary of doing so, and as such we do want you to have complete peace of mind that by signing up to and playing at Golden Tiger Casino you will have a very enjoyable time.

As such we invited many of our website visitors who do have accounts at Golden Tiger Casino to give us their comments and their feedback about how they have found that casino site, and their comments and feedback can be found below.

I have to be honest I have signed up to many casino sites over the years and the reason I have done so it to take advantage of the many different bonuses different casino sites offer their players. The one thing that has made me into a long term player at Golden Tiger Casino however is that they do have not only some huge new player bonus but they also offer me lots of other bonuses as well, in fact I get bonus offers every week which are always credited to may account very quickly after I make a qualifying deposit – GF Queensferry

I was fairly new to playing different casino games when I first signed up to Golden Tiger Casino and as such I had many questions that I wanted answering. However, one of the great things about playing at Golden Tiger Casino is that you can contact their customer care team at any time of the night or day and they are a friendly bunch too. I have found that they always respond quickly to the instant chat feature they offer their players so keep that in mind if you are a new player too! – PT Birmingham

One of the better aspects of signing up to Golden Tiger Casinos is that when you are registering as a new user you are given a range of different options in regards to the actual currency you want to use on your account. As I live in Australia then I have obviously chosen to utilize AUD as my preferred casino account setting, and that means all my deposits are made in that currency and I can then of course play all of the casino games for Australia Dollars or for just a few Cents. – MB Melbourne

It is the way in which you earn high valued comp points whenever you play the real money casino games at Golden Tiger Casino that I appreciate most about this casino site. It does not matter if you win or lose the more you play any of their real money games the more comp points you will earn. Those comp points accumulate in a standalone account that you can access at any time and when you do so you can then have your comp points instantly turned into additional playing credits which appear in your casino account very quickly!

Frequently Asked questions about Golden Tiger Casino

There really is a lot to like about Golden Tiger Casino, but those of you out there that haven’t played there before may have some questions about doing so. If that is the case with you then below, I shall be answering the most asked questions about that top-rated online casino site.

Do I have to download any casino software?

You can access the games at Golden Tiger Casino either via a fully downloadable gaming platform, via an instant play online platform or you can of course download and then make use of their state of the art mobile casino app, all of which do come jam packed with different casino games.

Will I be able to play via a casino app?

The casino app you will be accessing at Golden Tiger Casino if you choose to play on your mobile devices will be one that offers the entire range of Microgaming designed games. Therefore, you are always going to be accessing fair and random mobile casino games that you can play for any stake level you can afford to play for.

How old do I have to be to sign up to Golden Tiger Casino?

There is a minimum legal age to gamble at all casino sites, and if you fancy getting stuck into playing any of the games offer being Golden Tiger Casino, you will need to be over the age of 18 to be able to legally do so.

What player verification systems are in place at Golden Tiger Casino?

As soon as you create an account with Golden Tiger Casino you are going to have to send into them copies of your identification documents at some point in time. That is so they can verify your account, be aware though that will be a fast and hassle-free procedure which isn’t going to take very long at all.

Can I test drive Golden Tiger Casino games online at no risk?

There is always going to be plenty of games on offer to you at Golden Tiger Casino, and plenty of the games that they do have on offer will be ones that you haven’t seen or even played before. You will have the option of playing them via a demo mode before you play them for real money, and as such you an indeed play them online at no risk whenever you like.

Where do I find the RTP of Golden Tiger Casino games?

It will be on the Golden Tiger Casino website that you will find the payout percentages of all their Golden Tiger Casino games. So do look them all up as that way you will always know just which games have been designed to return more of players stakes as winning payouts over the long term.