If you can afford to play slot machines of high stakes, you will have plenty of choice where to play.

However, when you compare all the benefits of playing online instead of in a local casino you will be tempted to do so.

This guide will wake you through each of the benefits of playing slots for high stake levels online.

The very first thing you will be showered with are casino bonus offer. Those offers include deposit match bonuses the like that no land-based casino could or ever will offer you.

Those of you that have played slot sin a land-based casino will probably have used a player card many times. When playing online slots for real money you will be earning comp points too.

It will be for additional playing n credits your awarded comp points can be exchanged for. So, unlike land-based casinos there will not be a variety of thing you can exchange online casino comp points for.

The range of slots however, that are available at our featured casino sites is impressive. You will have access to classic, 3-reel, video and even progressive slots at those sites.

But one of the most attractive aspects of playing online slots for high stakes is that the RTP’s are often way higher than land-based casinos.

Higher RTP’s Means More Winning Spins

There is something important that you need to be aware of when playing slot machines. That is that each slot machine will have been designed in a different way.

Obviously, most slot machines come with their own unique themes, and sound effects. Plus, you will often find slots that offer different sized jackpots and bonus games too.

The long term expected payout percentage on offer on any one slot machine can be different to most others too.

When you do wish to play slot machines, you should always find out what the RTP is on each slot. Do so before you start to play any slot machines is what I advise.

That way you will be able to make an informed decision on just which slot games to play. It will be slots offering RTP’s of over 97.00% that you should be playing.

Those slots due to their long term RTP’s, will award you wish more winning pay-outs as you are playing them than lower RTP slots.

Keep in mind too, that the RTP you get on one single session could be higher or lower than the expected RTP. So, if you do have a winning session cash out some or all those winnings. It is very easy to lose back winnings amassed on a slot machine if you do not keep a level head when playing.


Questions and Answers About High Stake Slot Games

There will be risks associated with playing high stake slot machines, but if you have any questions about them below are the answers to many such questions.

Do high stake players get offered big bonuses?

Always gamble responsibly when gambling, and if you are a high roller then you are going to be very well treated online. Especially at casinos such as Zodiac Casino, for that casino does shower their high rollers with plenty of huge bonuses.

When do high stake slots tend to payout their jackpots?

When playing slot machines for high stakes or any stake, there is no way of knowing when they will pay-out. However, as each of those games will be random you could of course win big on any spin. So always be prepared to try out slot machines you may never have played before.

Do online high rollers get better comps than land-based ones?

You will always find some generous comps being offered to online gamblers. If you are a high rolling gambler then the bonuses and ongoing offers really will impress you.

Which casino sites should I play at as a high roller?

If you do enjoy and can afford to gamble for some high-stake amounts, then consider any of my featured casinos. Those sites are all fully licensed and regulated and will offer you a first-class service too. All players at those sites can also set their own gambling limits too.

Do high stake gamblers get higher cash out limits at casino sites?

As high-stake gamblers can win big at any moment, casinos do tend to offer them some much high cash-out limits. So, keep that in mind and make sure the casinos you sign up to do offer you suitably high pay-outs limits.

Play Any High-Stake Slot Online

Can I play land-based slot machines online?

You will find plenty of one-time land based only slot machines are now accessible online. So, you will always be able to play slots you have played in casino venues online if you want to.

Do mobile slot players have access to high stake slots?

It doesn’t matter if you play at an online casino or mobile casino, you will have access to lots of slot machines. Many of those slot machine will have some very high valued staking options too.

How often are new high-stake slot machines launched online?

New slot machines are launched every month online. That therefore means you are not going to find it difficult to find plenty of slot machines to play online.

What is a good RTP for a high-stake slot machine?

A slot machine of any category with a pay-out percentage set higher than 97.00% is one worth playing.

Can I play classics slot games online for high stakes?

It doesn’t matter which types of slot machines you like playing, you will find them online. If you like playing the older styled basic classic slots, there will be lots of them online.