Be aware that there are of course a huge number of different Microgaming Casinos that you can sign up to and play at, however no matter at which one of them you do play at you will find available all of the different features such as available at the Zodiac Casino, are listed below.

That is why we do often get asked by our website visitors which would be the very best gaming platform for them to use to access the biggest and most entertaining range of online casino games. Well, we have always found that the gaming platforms available from really are going to live up to your expectations!

With that in mind and to allow you to make your own mind up as to whether you are going to be interested in using the Microgaming operators which are available at many different Canadian Online Casinos we have put together the following guide.

There are of course going to be a few different player restrictions at some Microgaming Casinos as not all of them accept players from every single country of the world. Regarding the casino bonus promotions there are lots of new player sign up deals available on the internet like the preferred no deposit casino offers to try the gambling site.

However we are more than confident you will find an online casino site that does use their gaming platform that will give you the very best playing experience possible, so read on to find out why Microgaming really do have one of the very best gaming platform available.

Microgaming Instant Play Casinos

The first type in online gaming that you will find being offered by Microgaming powered casino site is an instant play option which may actually be the ideal one of you to use and utilize.

That Microgaming instant play gaming platform is fully compatible with every single web browser and as such all of the games you choose to play or want to play can be loaded up into your chosen web browser without you having to wait whilst any software is downloaded.

Downloadable Gaming Platform – If you want to have the biggest range of casino games available to you to play for free or for real money and you are also looking or a gaming platform that will allow you to alter and adjust lots of the options settings on the casino game you do decide to play then you really should make use of the downloadable gaming platform form Microgaming.

That gaming platform will always offer you the most casino games and the games will also come with lots of player adjustable options settings allow you to always tailor your own unique and preferred gaming sessions too!

Microgaming Casinos Free Spins and Instant Bonuses

One thing that does let a lot of online casino down are the free spins promotions and the length of time it takes those casino sites to credit your bonuses that you may have claimed, however when you play at any of our featured and highly rated Microgaming powered online casinos sites you are going to find that your bonuses are added to your account instantly.

Not only that but you are going to find so many different types of bonuses or free spins available to you on an ongoing basis you really are going to be getting the maximum playing value form your gambling budget, so make sure you do indeed claim some of those huge number of bonuses to enable you to get the maximum playing value!

Mobile Compatible Games – There are so many online casino games available to you at Microgaming powered sites you are always going to be able to pick out and play the ones you like and love playing the most.

However, another aspect of choosing to play at any of our featured online casinos site that use the Microgaming gaming platforms and their range of casino games is that many of those casinos will also let you play their casino games via a mobile gaming platform, so that means you can play their games for real money or for free no matter where you are and no matter what type of mobile device you have on you at the time!

Networked Progressive Games – If you want to have a chance of becoming an instant millionaire when you choose to play real money casino games then it is of course always going to be the progressive games that you should be tracking down and playing.

All Microgaming casinos have a huge suite of networked together progressive games on offer and that does of course mean the jackpots do grow much quicker than they ever would do at other casinos sites with stand alone progressive games and they do also tend to get won much more regularly at Microgaming software powered online casinos sites too!

Auto Play Options – One thing that you are going to very easily be able to do on the vast majority of Microgaming casino games is to set the games to play themselves automatically.

All of the games that have the auto play settings attached to them can be configured for you own chosen stake and wagering amounts and then you can instantly choose just how many game you want the auto play option to play off automatically for you so if you then like you can sit back and watch the games all playing themselves automatically with no additional input needed from you!

Tabbed Browser Feature – Make sure you experience playing via the Microgaming downloadable gaming platform, for when you do you are going to come across a range of options settings and game playing features not offered by the other gaming platforms.

One of those features is the tabbed browser option on which you can then open up and play more than one game and play all of the games you have open all at the same time!

Multi-Currency Casinos – One final thing about playing at Microgaming casinos is that they are all multi currency casino sites, and that does of course mean that when you are registering a new account at any of them you will be able to select the currency option that is best suited to you based on where it is you live in the world!

Frequently Asked Questions about Microgaming Casinos

You will always be made welcome at our featured Canadian player friendly Microgaming software powered casino sites. However, if you have any questions about playing at any of those casinos, I have answered several them below for you.

Are Microgaming games completely random?

All Microgaming games have been independently certified as being fair and random. As such no matter which of their hundreds of different games you play you are always going to find them offering you a reasonable chance of winning.

Which Microgaming games are worth playing?

Any slot game offering a pay-out percentage above 97% is certain one worth playing, however many video poker games at Microgaming powered sites do offer RTP’s in excess of 99.00%. Looks of for the card games too that have very low house edges as they offer the maximum winning chances to players too.

Can I play live casino games at Microgaming sites?

Not only are software driven games on offer at Microgaming powered sites, but live dealer games are also available. Those game include classics such as Blackjack, Roulette and live dealer Baccarat games too.

How often do Microgaming casinos give away bonuses?

At least one sign up welcome bonus will be available to you at Microgaming casino sites. However, sites such as Zodiac Casino do also make available to their customers a very wide range of ongoing bonus offers and deals too.

Do Microgaming casinos offer Canadian Dollar account settings?

You can set any account at Microgaming casinos to operate in one of many different currencies. Therefore, if you do live and reside in Canadian you will be able to set your account to operate in Canadian Dollars.

How often are new Microgaming games launched?

During each month Microgaming do make live lots of brand-new casino games on each of their gaming channels. Recently however they have also started to release exclusive games from other game providers and not just in-house designed casino games.

How many games are on offer at Microgaming casinos?

Hundreds of different casino games are just one click of your mouse away at all casinos that utilize the Microgaming range of games. Each game will of course also come with a range of different staking options making them suitable for low or high-stake players too.

What is the best Microgaming Blackjack game to play?

The single hand classic Blackjack game is one of the very best variants available at Microgaming software powered online casino sites. That variant when you set about playing it with the very best strategy in place, has an expected house edge of just 0.13%.

Can I play Microgaming games using auto play?

An auto play or expert mode as it is known is on offer on most Microgaming games. As such you can configure that expert mode to play any games you wish to play and then sit back and watch as they play off each game automatically with your configurations in place.

Are high stake games available?

Many players can afford and enjoy playing all manner of different casino games for high stakes. If you are some of them you will be pleased to learn that you can play any Microgaming launched games for some very high-stake settings.

Do Microgaming launch mobile device compatible games?

Most casino players will get the urge to play their favourite games on their mobile devices. Therefore, I am pleased to inform you that Microgaming do offer a wide and very diverse range of mobile casino games which you can access via a mobile casino app at sites such as Zodiac Casino.