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As an online slot player at the recommended Zodiac Casino there are two different types of free spins to be of interest to you, the first will be the type of slot bonuses which have been designed and structure in such a way that you can claim a No Deposit Casino bonus on one of more slot games and then get to keep the winnings you make having played off those free bonuses!

The second type of free spins that are always of interest to slot players are the bonus features which award players with a set of free spins once a bonus game feature has been awarded to them via scatter symbols or bonus symbols spinning in.

We have put together the following guide that is going to enlighten you on how you can claim and then use the best types of free spins promotional offers, and further down this slot playing and bonus guide we will be taking a look at the bonus game features attached to many online video slots will can and will award you with a set of free spins.

Online Casino Free Spins Bonuses and Casino Promotions

If you come across an online casino site that is giving away to new players or depositing players a promotional offer on which you are going to be credited with a set of free spins on any of their available slot games those bonuses may be worth claiming.

However, one thing that you will always need to keep in mind in regards to claiming a free set of slot spins form any online casino site is that they way those promotional offers have been designed can be in one of several different ways.

Let us now guide you through the many different way these types of bonuses can be structured, and point on which ones are going to be the best ones to claim and make use of whenever free sets of slot spins have been awarded to you from any online casino.

The first thing you need to check is just what slot game the free spins are being credited on, and then see just how many pay lines that slot games offers players. Once you now the number of pay line you can put into play on that slot attached to this type of bonus make sure that the free set of slot spins you will be awarded with has all of those pay lines in live play once you claim them!

Also take a look at what coin values will be in play and also how many coins per payline will be activated for the duration of your awarded free spins. The best types of bonuses you can claim will be those eon which all of the payline are activated and those bonuses worth claiming will have either a high valued coin value in place or the maximum number of coins activated on all of those pay lines.

How to Claim FREE SPINS

One other very important aspect of claiming a free set of slots spin will be how the winnings will get credited to your casino account balance. If you are looking for the best free pins promotional offers to claim then look out for bonuses on which the winnings you make form your free spins are added to your account as cash credits.

If your winnings form a played off set of free spins are credited to your account as bonus credits then before you can cash out those winnings you will have to play them through certain number of times, which could see you actually losing those bonus credits as you are doing so!

Free Spins Bonus Games

Many video slot games will have a type of bonus feature round or bonus game which, when a certain number of scatter symbols spin in or a set of bonus symbols line up in a certain way that a free set of spins are then credited to you.

Slot games which offer these types of bonus games tend to offer you a different number of free spins and also a different multiplier value that will be in play for the duration of the free spins and will boost the value of any and all winning combinations that spin in during that set of free spins.

However, if you are looking for some much more exciting slot games to play which offer you the chance of triggering and then playing off a free spins bonus feature game look out for the slots which has an option for you to choose just how many free spins you can play off and will also let you pick the multiplier value in play during that free spins round.

You will find quiet a number of slot games which do let you pick off how many free spins you can play and the activate multiplier value, and those games are certainly going to add an extra level of excitement to your slot playing sessions.

Just keep in mind that if you want the lowest amount of risk in playing during such a free spins bonus game then you will be best advised to pick the highest number of free spins on offer to you which will usually come with the lost value multiplier.

By selecting that option you will always have more chances of spinning in winning combinations due solely to you having more free spins to play off.

However, if you are the type of slot player who is always on the lookout for a huge valued jackpot payout or a bonus game feature that can award you with the highest amount of cash, then opt for the lowest number of free spins available which come with the highest valued multiplier values.

By choosing that particular free spins bonus game option if you do spin in a high valued winning payout those high valued multiplier values will boost the winning payout you have just spun in even higher in value which is what you will be hoping happens!

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