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Due to the simple fact that every single spin you play off on a slot machine is completely random, you are going to have some fun, entertaining and possibly some very rewarding gambling sessions when you do play slot machines online.

However, one thing that you may be blissfully unaware of is that there are thousands of different slots at Zodiac Casino available to you, and every single one of them will be offering a different theme, payout structure, staking options and even bonus games and bonus features too.

If you have never experienced the delights of playing slot machines online before, then please do read through the following guide, for by doing so I am going to be giving you a deep insight into the benefits of doing so and also letting you know what you are going to find on offer at various different casino sites too.

One thing worth knowing about the vast majority of slots available at online casino sites, is that you will have the option of playing them for free or slots for real money, so you are not necessarily going to have to spend anything accessing and playing them if you want to simply pass a little time!

Ways to Access Online Slots

The very first thing that you will need to get to grips with is the way you actually will have access to each of the many different types of online slot games.

Golden Tiger Casino

Therefore I should let you know there are two quite different gaming platforms that all of the featured casino sites showcased throughout this website will be offering you.

The first is one that you are required to download and then install onto your computer, those fully downloadable casinos as they re know will offer plenty of additional option settings and you are going to find many more types and categories of slot games than are available on the second type of online gaming platform.

That second gaming platform however is one that quite a lot of people make use of, and it is an instant play casino gaming platform. As the name suggests there is never any software to download when playing at such a casino site offering instant play slot games, for they are going to launch into the web browser you have chosen to utilize and make use of to visit the casino site you wish to play at!

Signing Up to Play Zodiac Slots Online

As someone who does wish to play at any of our featured top rated online casino sites, what you will need to do is to initially register as a new player at those casino sites, however that is a very fast and efficient process.

But do make sure that you complete the registration form accurately as the information you supply will be used to verify your identity and age.

Once you have registered as a new player you have the ability of them playing any of the slot games available at that casino site for free or you can set about playing them for real money. By doing the latter however you are then going to instantly qualify for a range of bonuses, that you can use to play the slot games you enjoy playing the most.

Below you will find an insight into just some of the many different types of casino bonuses that are going to become available to you, so please do read on and make sure you claim some of the best valued bonuses for more play time and many additional winning opportunities too.

Claiming Online Slot Game Bonuses

There are a few different ways that you can claim casino bonuses but there are going to be a huge number of different types of casino bonuses, so please ensure that you look out for the ones that have been designed to be claimed very easily and also the ones that do offer you the very best playing value.

video slots

Deposit match bonuses do tend to help you increase your play time when you claim them and if the bonuses you claim come with no maximum cash out limit sin place and also come with a low play through requirement then they do offer excellent value.

Free slot spins on which you are going to be able to keep the winnings you achieve are also available at some casino sites, so be on the lookout for those bonuses too.

Some casinos require you to claim their respective bonuses instantly without having to do any of them, but some casinos will require you to claim them either by using a bonus code or by contacting the casino customer support team, so always ensure you know how you can claim them to ensure that you get them credited without any fuss or hassle.

Choosing a Zodiac Casino Deposit Option

You will never want to be forced to have to make any effort when making a deposit into an online casino site when you are wishing to play real money slot games online, and you will certainly never want to have to pay charges and fees for the privilege of making a deposit either!

As such one thing I would always recommend you do is to select a casino site that is going to allow you to make a real time instant deposit using a payment option that is convenient to you and one that has no fees or charges associated with using it.

You will find that each of the top rated approved and highly recommended casino sites will offer you payment options such as credit cards and debit cards or you can also choose to use a web or e-wallets or even a prepaid voucher or prepaid debit card too.

There are also going to be lots of way to get paid out your winnings too, so do make sure you also find a way for a casino to payout your winnings that is fast and efficient and also has no additional fees and charges associated with using them.

Selecting the Slots to Play

It can be very easy to get a little overwhelmed when you first log into an online casino site, for you are going to be faced with a huge number of different Video Slots and the classic slot games to play all of which will be offering you something different.

What you should do to help you pick out the slots that are going to give you by far and away the best winning chances, is to look up the long term expected payout percentages that will be published somewhere one the casino website, slot game play rules or somewhere else online.

By looking through the list of slot games available at the site you are playing at and looking up their respective payout percentages, then you will know just which online slots have been set to return more of your stake money as winning payouts, and they will of course be the slots you should be playing.

Just keep in mind that each slot game is random, so even if you play one with a high payout percentage there will be no guarantees that it is going to payout well when you play it on any one single slot playing session, but the more you play it the more payouts you will get when compared to a lower paying slot!

Configuring Online Slots

Unlike slot machines that you can play in your local casino, when you set about playing online slots you are going to have lots of different option settings that you can make use of, and I would recommend that you do make use of those option settings to have a fully tailored type of gaming experience online.

You are going to be able to play around with the screen size, speed up or even slow down the way the reels spin and stop and you will also have plenty of volume and audio options available to you too.

Keep in mind that when playing online slots they will boast all manner of sound effects and animations and graphics too so the very best way to play them will be via a full screen size mode and with the audio and volume settings turned on and turned up.

However you will always be in control of just how you configure such slots, so always spend a minute or so putting into play a slot playing session via the auto play settings that you are going to enjoy for a fun playing experience.

Adjusting the Stakes and Pay Lines

To enable you to be able to get plenty of play time out of your gambling bankroll when playing slot games online, you are going to find that many slots have fully configurable pay lines and plenty of staking options that you can make use of too.

So, before you start to play always make sure you select the coin values you wish to have in play and also select the number of pay lines that you want to have in play of reach spin you play off.

Be aware though that quite a number of the more recently launched online slots will have a fixed coin settings which basically means you have no ability to change the coin values, and some slot machines available online also have a fixed number of pay liens too, so you will not be able to adjust or alter the number of lines you play per spins when playing those types of slot games online.

However, with there being hundreds of different slots available at different casino sites you are always going to find plenty of them to play that will offer you a staking options and pay line structures that suits you and your playing style the best.

Using the Auto Play Option

If you want to have a slot playing session online on which you are not going to have to sit there repeatedly clicking onto the spin button to send the reels spinning, then consider making use of the auto play that will be attached and on offer on most if not all Zodiac Slots.

By clicking onto the auto play option you will be able to choose just how many spins that you want it to play off for you and you will also of course be able to select the number of pay lines you have in play on each of those spins and also just what stake levels you have in play on each auto played off spin too.

You will also find some additional option settings that are going to allow you to see the auto play automatically stop if and when a bonus game for example is triggered and awarded to you and you will also be able to set the auto play to stop when a jackpot has been won or when your balance changes by a set amount, so consider using it from time to time.

Earning Comps Points Playing Slots

If you do decide to play slot machines online, and choose to play them for real money, you are going to be earning something known as comp points.

They are basically a form of loyalty points that are awarded to you by the casino site you have chosen to play at, and as you play, win or lose those points will continue to add up in your comp point account.

As soon as you have saved up enough of them you will be able to swap them for playing credits, and depending on how lucky you are you could win some sizeable amounts of cash when playing off those bonus credits.

Keep in mind though that each casino could have a different comp club scheme in place, and what you should be looking for are casinos that offer you more points and lower redemption rates to allow you to lock in additional playing value!

3 Reel Online Slots

Let me know give you a quick insight into just what categories of slot games are going to be available to you when you play online and also let you know just what makes each of those slots games unique and playable too, and I will start with giving you information on three reel slots.

What you are going to find about three reel slots is that they are quite basic slot games in regards to their design and as the name does suggest they only have three reels and will give you a range of different staking options too, but they rarely if ever offer any type of bonus games.

However, having said that some of the very latest three reel slots do tend to offer many more pay lien options that older three reel slots and some of them do have built in bonus games and bonus features too.

So with that in mind do consider playing three reel slot games online if you are looking for something of a non nonsense type of online slot playing experience and one that is not going to cost you the earth as long as you keep your stake levels down low!

Online Fruit Machines

Fruit Machines maybe a type of slot machines that you may never have come across before, for they are only usually found in the UK and a few other Europe countries, however they are going to give you plenty of fun and entertainment if you do decide to play them online.

They are usually designed as simple looking three reel slots however when you set about playing them you are very quickly going to learn that they offer you plenty of bonus games and bonus features, and that is why they are goring in popularity with online players as they do offer terrific value and plenty of play time.

As you are only require to play Fruit Machines for low stakes if you want, but also have the chance of winning big from any spin, they are certainly worth checking out and playing when you are in a slot playing frame of mind

Another thing to keep in mind is unlike land based Fruit Machines online versions do tend to offer much higher payout percentages, so you are going to get more winning payouts over the long term when you do set about playing them online instead of in a land based venue!

Video Slot Games

Video slots are some of the most played slot games in any playing environment and with hundreds of them readily available at all of our featured casino sets you are always going to find plenty of them with bonus games and bonus features that you will enjoy triggering.

As the minimum coin value settings you can play them for are just one single penny, you are not going to have to have a huge bankroll to play them and with some very high jackpots up for grabs on both their base games and bonus game you are always going to have a fair and reasonable chance of winning big.

Just make sure that you set the stake levels you play them for in such a way that you get lots of base game spins out of your bankroll, as that way you are going to be able to ensure you get a good chance of triggering those potentially high paying bonus games and bonus features.

Much like all of the other slots available online you can play them for free or for real money it by doing the latter if you win those winnings are always going to be yours to keep!

Progressive Online Slots

You could strike gold at any moment on any spin you play off when you are playing progressive slot machines online, but keep in mind that you will have to ensure that you play them in such a way that the progressive jackpot part of the slot is activated and on offer.

That will usually entail you playing them for maximum coin and pay line spins, so what I always recommend slot players to do when they are about to play progressive slots is to check over the pay table to see just how the progressive jackpot is awarded and then play them in that way.

However, keep in mind that each of our featured and fully approved online casino sites are also going to offer you a range of slot machines that are going to be offering you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot no matter at what stake levels you play them for.

Those slots are going to be much more appealing to players who only have a small and modest bankroll, but still want the very real chance of walking off with a life changing jackpot payout which each of those slot games are going to be offering them by the way!

New Online Slots

Finally, one thing that you will find of great interest if you really are an avid slot player is that every month of the year at each of our top rated casino sites, is that all of them will have plenty of brand new slot machines and slot games available all of which offer you something new.

Those new slot games can of course be played for free and that is always going to be a great way for you to give them some serious play time but at no risk to see if you are going to find them exciting and entertaining and possibly high paying slots when you play them for real money at a later date.

The new slot games will offer different themes, playing structures, staking options however many of them will come with a brand new set of bonus games and bonuses features.

So if you do decide to play them always check and read through the pay tables or attached help files to see how those bonus games and bonus features are and awarded and how they are going to play off too!

Frequently Asked questions about playing Slot Machines Online

With thousands of different slot machines available to all online players, if you have any questions still about playing them then please do read on. Below are some of the most asked questions related to playing the thousands of different slot machines you can get stuck into playing online.

Are 3-reel slot machines available to online players?

Some slot players do love nothing more than playing the older 3-reel slots that casino sites have on offer. If you haven’t yet started playing online slot machines and are wondering if they are available online, then there will be a good choice of them available at casinos like Zodiac casino.

How many video slot machines will I have access to online?

The video slot machines that offer bonus games and bonus features are the most sought-after slots online. Be aware though that those types of slots will come with all manner of playing structures. Therefore, make a point of finding several slots to play that offer you a playing structure that does appeal to you the most.

Can I access slot machines via a mobile casino app?

Mobile casino apps have proven to be hugely popular with players over the years, and as such you will never have any difficulties being able to play any type of slot machine that you get the urge to play on any type of touch screen mobile device.

Do online and mobile slot machines have high RTP’s?

Not all online slot machines have higher than average payout percentages, and therefore you will need to look up just how high or low the RTP’s are on any slot machines you may fancy playing online. I would suggest you stick to playing slot machines online that have payout percentages that have RTP’s of over 97% for more winning opportunities and high paybacks over the long term.

How can I be guaranteed of playing fair online slot machines?

The only real way that you are going to have the complete peace of mind in knowing that you are playing fair and random slot machines, is by playing at our featured casino sites. Those sites have all had their slot machines certified as being fair and random by the way.

What are the lowest stakes I can play online slots for?

With coin value settings that go down to just one penny or one cent, that does of course mean when you choose to play most slot machines online, you are going to be able to play them for some very low stake levels.

When is the best time to play online slot machines?

One thing to be aware of is that all online slot machines available at our featured casino sites are completely fair and random. Therefore, is does not matter when you choose to play them, you are always going to have a chance of winning.

How many progressive online slot machines can I play?

Dozens of different progressive slot machines are readily available to you at most casino sites. But by playing at casino sites such as Zodiac Casino, if you are ever lucky enough to win a progressive jackpot then you are going to be able to withdraw all of your winnings in one go and get them paid into your bank account in a one lump sum payment too.

Who designs the best online slot games?

There are lots of different slot and casino game design studios, so you are bound to find plenty of slot machines to play at any casino sites. Those listed on this website all use Microgaming’s gaming platforms and as such they all have literally hundreds of different slot machines on offer to their players.

Do online slots have auto play settings?

It is going to be possible for you to set most online slot machines to play themselves. To do just that simply click onto the auto play option settings on any slot machines you choose to play and then set them to play automatically on your chosen stake levels.

Can I claim bonuses to play online slot machines?

Some players only ever play slot machines online when they are offered a casino bonus. If you are one such player then you are going to be showered with more than your fair share of bonuses when playing at any of our featured casino site. So therefore, they are the ones you should be playing at.

Which is the very best online slot sites?

I would suggest you spend a little bit of time looking over the websites of the online casino sites that have been reviewed and listed on this website. I say that as they are famed for having some of the very best online slots you will find available online, and you will have a ball playing them all too.

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