Penny slots as their name suggest are low stake slots to play. With coin value settings that go down to just one penny, players can get plenty of spins from their bankroll.

However, you may be wondering if there are any chances of winning big when playing such slots. With that in mind I have put together the following guide.

There are some slots, such as the Mega Moolah slot that offer penny slot players progressive jackpots. So even when playing for tiny stakes you could trigger the progressive jackpot awarding bonus game on that slot.

In fact, there are now several variants of Mega Moolah you can play. Each of which comes with its own theme and unique bonus games too.

But when playing more slot games for low stakes, the chances of winning big are tiny.

High variance slots though do offer players the chance of winning big from their base or bonus games. The thing to keep in mind though when playing those types of slots is, that they are risky slots to play.

There is a very good chance you could play off a huge number of spins and not win anything. Conversely though, every now and then even penny slot players can win some significant amounts of cash.

Ways to Increase Your Modestly Sized Bankroll

Never think you will not get a fun and entertaining slot playing session as a low roller. With some luck in playing you could win big when playing slots for pennies.

It will of course be all down to just how lucky you are when playing. What I would advise low stake players to do is to look to get the maximum playing value.

That will often entail then going on the hunt for casino sites offering generous promotional offers.

One way that you may often find you have the chance to double your bankroll is by claiming bonuses.

Any casino site offering a 100% deposit match bonus will double the value of your deposit. The bonus terms and conditions attached to any bonus are a must read though.

For players do need to discover what the play through requirements are on any bonus credits they claim. Also, the best valued casino bonuses are those with no cash out limits either. Plus, pick out bonuses that have terms and conditions that stake you can play any slots with those credits.

That way you are never going to be limited to just which slots you can play with bonus credits. If you do win when playing penny slots, always try and cash out all or most of those winnings.

Also, look out for casino sites that have some generous loyalty schemes in place too. As that way you will always be rewarded for your slot playing real money gaming action.


Questions and Answers About Penny Slot Games

Here are the answers to a very diverse range of questions that are associated with playing penny slot machines online or on a mobile device.

Are penny slot machines available to mobile slot players?

Penny slot machines are of course available on all casino apps. But for the best range of slots to play for pennies, stick to our featured casino sites.

Do penny slot players earn lots of comps?

It will be the amount of cash you wager; not how much you lose when it comes to earning comp points. So, unless you play penny slots for a long time, you will not be earning lots of comps.

Can I win progressive jackpots even when playing penny slots?

You can win a progressive jackpot when playing for low stakes. Look at playing the Mega Moolah slot game, as that has several jackpots on offer. Those jackpots are randomly awarded, so even penny slot players can win them.

Do penny slots come with higher than average RTP’s?

You will find plenty of penny slot machines that do come with higher than average pay-out percentages. But it will be just how lucky you are when playing, as to whether you will win or not when playing any slot machines.

Lots of Choice of Penny Slot Machines to Play Online

Which casinos have the most penny slots?

The casino sites I have picked out on this website are ones that tend to have the most slots. You will be guaranteed of finding hundreds of great playing slots at each of those casino sites.

How many penny slots do online casinos have?

It is usually hundreds of slot machines that can be played for pennies that most casino will offer you. Therefor never be in rush to play them, pick out the ones that appeal to you the most.

Are no risk demo mode penny slots available online to players?

You are not going to have to pay to try out penny slot machines if you don’t want to. Most casino sites will offer demo mode version of each of their slots to players.

How often do new penny slot machines get launched?

Each month plenty of new slot machines are launched online. With penny staking options you can play them for low stakes.

Which penny slot machines should I play online?

Take your pick, for it will be your decision as to just which penny slots to play online. But do try and play those that have been designed with the very highest RTP’s.

Frequently Asked Questions about Penny Slot Machines

With more than enough low stake penny slot machines available, you will have plenty of choice regarding which ones you can play online. Here are a few questions about those types of slots that I have answered for you.

Do penny slots award progressive jackpots?

As for whether you can have the chance of winning what may turn out to be a life changing jackpot playing penny slots just play the progressive slots. There are quite a lot of low stake slot machines at our featured casinos that do offer an ever-rising progressive jackpot.

Are all online slots low stake ones?

I am happy to let you know that when playing online slot machines, you will be able to play them for a stake level that suits you and your bankroll. So, if you only want to play for low stakes then you can always do that, or you can of course increase the stakes up to some high ones if you like.

How do I know penny slot machines are fair?

The only way that you can guarantee that you are playing completely random, fair and true penny slot machines online is by playing at our showcased and featured casino sites. Those casinos have had their penny slots certified by a slot game testing company top prove they are random and fair.

Do penny slot machines have an auto play setting?

One aspect about playing penny slot machines online, is that they do tend to come with all manner of different player adjustable option settings. One of those settings is an auto play setting and when using it you can then set any penny slot game to play itself automatically.

How many online penny slot machines are there?

Thousands of different slot machines are going to be on offer to you at online casino sites. Thanks to most of the slot machines you will come across having penny staking option that does of course mean that at all times and no matter where you choose to play you will find hundreds of them on offer to you.

Which casino bonuses are the best ones to use on penny slots?

If you want to play penny slot machines but boost the value of your deposits at online casino sites then consider claiming some of the many bonuses available, Look out for those from our featured casinos that are 100% or higher deposit match bonuses, as they tend to offer players the very best value.