The following guide is going to be of interest to anyone who is thinking of playing slot games online for real money for the very first time.

There are of course plenty of things you will need to be aware of when you do start playing real money slots, and I have compiled this guide to give you an insight into all of the pros and cons of doing so.

One thing I would advise you to do once you have finished reading through this Zodiac Casino guide is to take a good look around our  website, for there are plenty of top rated casino sites that we have fully reviewed, and all of them will give you a very warm welcome.

There is of course a huge array of different types of slots, and below I will give you a deep insight into what those slot categories are and what makes some of them much more appealing than other ones.

The smartest slot players will always set themselves a budget and will stick to that budget when they are play slot games and slot machines in any playing environment for real money, and that is something you should always do when playing real money slot games online.

Most online casinos these days will allow you to set your own deposit limits and also allow you to set just how long you wish to play slot games for on any one given slot playing session, and also set a loss limit too.

You should always play slot games responsibly, so when you do open up an online casino site account always set your own personal limits, to ensure that you stick to your own budget and bankroll.

Best Real Money Slots Online

As you will have thousands of different slot games available to you when you sign up to a few casino sites that use a different suppliers ranges of slot games, you do need to find some slots to play that will ensure you get plenty of play time for your money.

Plus, you will also want to play a range of slots that have both themes and bonus games that you enjoy triggering and playing off and slots that can and often will award you with some high winning payouts too.

Therefore what I would recommend you do no matter at which casino site you decide to sign up to and play at, is to make sure you spend some time looking up
the long term expected payout percentages, that are usually found on the pay tables, the help files  or on a casinos website.

By looking up the payout percentages you will then know just how much of players stakes that each slot game has been designed to return to players over the long term, and the ones you should only ever play are the slots which have been designed with only the very highest of payout percentages, no matter what themes or bonus games those slots have on offer!

I personally tend to stick to playing slots that have at the very least a payout percentage of 96.00%, however what you will notice at all of our featured casino sites, is that all of them do have lots of slots which boast much higher payout percentages.

Plus, try and play slots that have different coin value settings, as that way you can play slots for a stake level that you can afford, which should however still be the ones with the higher payout percentages on offer!

Claiming Value Packed Real Slots Bonus Money Offers

There is only going to be a set amount you can put to one aside and use as your gambling bankroll, however there are going to be lots of different ways that you can boost the value of that bankroll.

It will be by you claiming both new player sign up welcome bonuses on offer at all of our top rated casino sites and also by claiming some of the many different types of ongoing bonuses available at those sites.

So what I would suggest you do is to look at and compare the many different bonus types you can claim and make use of at each of our featured casino sites, for by doing so you will then get a good understand of the terms and conditions of those bonuses and how you will be able to use any bonus credits you have claimed too.

Keep in mind that many casinos will also offer you a very unique and exclusive comp club, and as such you should also check and compare just what those comp-clubs will be offering you, for some of them are much more generous than other ones.

As long as you stick to playing at our featured casino sites you will then gain access to the most generous bonus offers whilst at the same time you will always be getting the maximum rewards for all of your real money gaming action.

Plus, all of our top rated real money casino sites also have plenty of new slot games going live on their gaming platforms each month, so you will always have more than enough brand new and never seen slot games that you can play at those sites, with our without any bonus credits too depending on whether you claim any of them or not!

Making Deposits to Play Real Money Slots

Another thing that you are going to have to keep in mind when you are good and ready to start playing real money slot games online, is that you will need to find a method for making deposits into your casino account whilst also having a way to withdraw your winnings too when you win!

As such I will now give you some ideas of just which banking options you will  have access to no matter at which of our reviewed and approved casino sites you
sign up to and play at. Most players prefer using a web or e-wallet type account to move money into and out of a casino site account as that way they can keep
their bankrolls away from their bank accounts.

However, if you do wish to use money held in your bank account to gamble with then you will be able to use a debit card linked up to your bank account, and when you win the casino site will also allow you to make a withdrawal of your winnings and get it paid back directly into your bank account.

There are also plenty of other deposit options, such as prepaid debit cards and also prepaid vouchers too, all of which will allow you to make an instant deposit into your real money casino site account.

However, always try and avoid using any deposit methods or for that matter withdrawal methods that will force or require you to have to pay any processing
fees, for those fees can and will often reduce the value of your deposits and also your withdrawals too, which is something you will never want to see happening when you do fancy gambling online.

So pick out the banking options you use carefully and always pick the ones with no fees attached and ones that allow you to withdrawal and make a deposit from and to your account rapidly and with no fuss or hassle either!

Types of Real Money Slot Games

Let me finally now give you some ideas of just how wide and how very diverse the range of different slot games you will be able to play online in a real money playing environment.

There are some slot machines that are actually called fruit machines, and when you play them you will notice there are going to often be dozens of different bonus games and bonus features that you can and will triggers you play them!

As such those types of gaming machines will certainly be worth checking out if you like playing bonus game packed slots online!

You will also find plenty of different types of three reel slot games too, some with be classified as classic slots and those slots simply have three reels and one single pay line, but you will also find some three reel slot games that also offer more than one pay line that you can put into live play per spins you play off.

If you want to win big then consider getting stuck into playing some of the many different types of progressive slot games you will discover online in various different online casino sites.

Some of the most played and the most popular slot games are called video slots, and when playing those games you will often find you can adjust and put into play a very large number of pay lines and most of them will also give you the chance of triggering a range of different bonus games too.

Plus, each month you will find all manner of brand new and never seen before slot games, fruit machines and slot machines coming online too!

Frequently Asked questions about playing Real Money Slots

If you set yourself a few limits when playing real money slots online, you can have plenty of fun. There could of course be some of you out there than haven’t played such slots before, and if not then here are several questions about doing so that I have answered for each of you.

Who designs the best online slot games?

In my opinion it is Microgaming that do design by far and away the very best online real money slot machines. They have been around since 1994 and as such have many years of experience and their range of slot games are on offer over at Zodiac Casino by the way.

Do online and mobile slots have auto play?

There will be two ways that you can send online slot machines into live play, the standard manual way by clicking onto the spin or start button, but online and mobile slots will offer you an auto play option too.

Can I claim big bonuses to play online real money slots?

Some huge valued bonuses are going to be available to you not only when you sign up to any of our featured casino sites, but also when you are a loyal regular playing at those sites too. So, if you are ever eager to claim such promotional offers then they are the sites you should be playing at.

Which is the very best online slot sites?

If you stick to playing at casinos such as Zodiac Casino you are going to be guaranteed of finding the biggest and best mix of slot machines. That casino site and all others listed on this website have hundreds of great playing and potential high paying slot machines always on offer to players.

Are classic real money slots available to online players?

There will of course be lots of different types of slot machines available to you at all casino sites. The most basic type of slots that you will find on offer at most casino though are the classic three reel slots, so if you do enjoy playing such slots then consider giving some of them a try.

How many real money slots will I have access to online?

Thousands upon thousands of different real money slots of every possible type are going to be available online. It does of course depend on just which casino sites you choose to play at as to just how many one individual casino will be giving you access to.

Can I access real money slots via a mobile casino app?

You can of course play just as many slot machines on your tablet device or smart phone via a casino app as you can play online. Therefore, do not be under the impression if you do want to play slot games via a casino app that you are going to have access to a limited array of different slot machines as that will not be the case.

Do online and mobile real money slots have high RTP’s?

It is often the case the most slot machines available at online casino sites will have much higher payout percentages than land-based slot machines. But it will be worth you looking up the long term expected RTP’s at each casino site you choose to play at, so you know which ones have the very highest paybacks.

How can I be guaranteed of playing fair online real money slots?

The only guaranteed way of being able to access and then play for real money, 100% fair and random slot machines is by playing at a casino site that has had every single one of its slot machine tested and certified as being random, which by the way Zodiac Casino for example has done.