I have compiled the following guide to give you an insight into how you should be playing video poker games online.

Whilst that game is a game of chance, there is a certain element of skill about it.

Below you will find plenty of valuable hints and tips on how to play that popular casino card game.

The Basics of Playing Video Poker Games

Video poker is a game which will see players first having to select a coin value at which to play for.

Players then must decide how many coins to wager per hand.

The variant they are playing will always have a pay table attached to it.

The more coins per hand wagered, the high in value the pay-outs become.

Once a player has chosen the stake level they wish to play it for they simply need to click onto the deal button.

Once they have done so, five playing cards will then be dealt out to them from a single deck.

Players are then required to decide whether to hold any of those playing cards.

They do that by clicking onto the card or cards that they wish to hold.

They then need to click onto the deal button a second time.

Any cards not held are removed with new ones being dealt out to replace them.

Then if any hand combination is formed as listed on the pay table, players are then paid out that pay-out.

Some video poker games will however offer a gamble game option once a winning hand combination has been formed.

When taking the gamble game, a face up card is dealt out, and players must pick one of the downward facing playing cards.

If the playing card they select when revealed is higher in value that the face up card, their winnings are doubled.

But if the playing card revealed is lower in value that the face up card, their base game winnings are lost, and the gamble game ends.

The Best Way to Play Online Video Poker

There are several ways of playing video poker games online.

But you should be playing in a way that will ensure you always get the maximum winning opportunities.

The first thing to be aware of is that by playing for maximum coins, the jackpot pay-out is often boosted in value.

Therefore, tip number one for playing video poker games is to always ensure you are playing for the maximum number of coins.

To negate the possibility of holding the wrong cards after the initial deal, you should activate the auto hold option setting.

Once activated the game will automatically hold the best cards for you once the first five playing cards have been dealt out to you.

When playing video poker games, many casinos also give away bonuses to players.

But by far and away the very best valued ones are those that have a low play through requirement attached to them.

Also, be on the hunt for video poker game related casino bonuses that do not have any maximum cash out limits.

However, when opting not to take any bonuses, players do of course have the ability of cashing out their winnings at any time.

So do keep that in mind when you next set about playing.

Questions and Answers About Video Poker Games

I will now be answering a range of different questions that you may have about playing video poker games online.

What is the lowest video poker game coin setting?

You will find that most online video slot machines can be set with coin value settings as low as just one cent or one penny.

Are new video poker games available online?

It is quite rare for a brand-new video poker game variant to be launched,.

But every now and then a new video poker game will be launched online.

Will I earn comps playing video poker online?

Many online casinos do award comp points to players much like land-based casinos do.

Are progressive video poker games available?

There are a small number of online progressive jackpot awarding video poker games.

But they do tend to require you to play for maximum coins to have any chance of winning those jackpots.

Which casino bonuses are the best for video poker games?

It will be the highest valued deposit match bonuses that are worth claiming.

But only those which have low play through requirements attached to them.

More Questions Answered for First Time Video Poker Players

Is an auto play setting available on online video poker games?

You will have the option of setting most online video poker games to play themselves automatically.

To do so you simply need to make use of the auto play setting.

Can I set my own loss limits when playing?

All licensed casino sites will give players the option of setting their own loss limits per session.

So you can of course use those option settings at any time.

Can Online casinos adjust the RTP of video poker games?

The video poker games at our featured sites have set in stone long term expected payout percentages.

Which is the most played online video poker game variant?

Microgaming’s All Aces video poker is the most played variant.

That is due to it having an RTP of 99.92%

Are multi-hand video poker games available online?

When playing online, will find single hand variants and multi-hand variants available.

As such you can play from one to one hundred hands per game.