It can be very complicated at terms when you first start playing slot games online, for there are lots of different categories of slots available at the Zodiac Casino and there will be pros and cons of playing each type of slot game too!

As such what I am going to be doing throughout this slot playing guide is to give you an insight into the many different types of slot games that make up the video slot game category.

If you are looking to play some of the most advanced slot games on which you are bound to get some of the most enjoyable slot playing experiences possible, then video slot games are certainly the ones you should be tracking down and play.

The main characteristics of video slots are that they do not have the stepper reels that classic and three reel slots have attached to them! As such you will find you get plenty of different staking options and pay lines available to you when playing video slots and will also find some stunning animations and sound effects on the majority of those slot games too.

Please do spend a much time as you require and need reading through the following guide to video slot games for by doing so you will get a full and clear understanding of every single variant of those new online pokies that are available.

If after reading through this guide you do fancy trying out some video slots either for free or in a real money playing environment, then all of the casino sites we have listed and reviewed throughout this website will offer you all of the following types of video slots!

Both Way Video Slots

There are going to be some fairly standard and some would say very basic video slot games that you will be able to play online, and those types of slot games will not offer you the chance of triggering any form or type of bonus games and no bonus features either.

As such if you are the type of player who wants to start playing video slots for the very first time having never played them before then look out for such slots as they will be a good introduction to video slots but you will never find them very complicated to play.

What I have noticed on some of the standard and older types of video slots that Microgaming casino sites have online pokies with 5 lines on offer is that whilst they do not offer bonus games or bonus features you will find some of them will offer a both ways type of playing structure.

When you set about playing those both ways structured slot games you can form a winning combination from left to right across the screen on any of your activated pay lines but you are also going to be able to form winning combination from right to left across the screen too.

As such those slots may just be worth playing for you will get twice the chances of winning on each and every single spin you then play off!

Optional Pay Line Video Slots

If you want to always be in control over the stake levels you have in play when and if you do decide to play video slots and also want to pick and choose just how many pay lines you activate then make a beeline to play the video slots which come with optional pay lines.

By playing those types of slot game you ill then always be able to pick and choose just how many pay lines you have in play, as they only require a minimum of one pay line to be in play for you to then send their reels spinning.

However, it is also worth me pointing out that you will always get the maximum chances of winning when you activated every single pay lines available on a video slot, but even if you do lower the number of pay lines you activate and put into play you can still win big too!

As video slots may offer a bonus game that is triggered via you spinning in on activated pay lines a set of bonus symbols to trigger those bonus games then it is important to know and realise that it will be the number of pay lines you do decide to have in play that will have a direct effect on your chances of triggering such a bonus game.

Therefore if you are playing one of those slots then the more lines you activate the much greater your chances will be of triggering a bonus game. Scatter symbols that can and will trigger a bonus game do not need to land on any activate pay line.

So if you play a slot with only a small number of optional paylines in live play you have just as much chance of spinning in the scatter symbols and triggering the bonus games as a player playing maximum pay line spins!

All Pays Video Slots

I often look for and track down and play video slot games that can be played for relatively low stakes but also slot games that are guaranteed to give me the maximum chances of winning.

It is often the case that I will settle down to play a range of slot games that are known as All Pays slots for when playing those types of slot games I have hundreds or even thousands of different ways of forming any number of winning combinations.

The way in which All Pays slot games have been designed and put together is that you will get every single possible way of spinning in a winning combination on the in view reel symbols on a slot games screen activated when paying such a slot!

One of the main advantages however of playing an All Pays slot is that you do not need to have to place a wager on each individual ways to win, which could be quite expensive f you have to wager a coin on each of the 3125 ways to win that some All Pays slots have on offer, you instead simply need to wager a small increment of coins.

As such you will find some of those slot games can charge you just 25, 30 or maybe 50 coins per spin but by doing so you will then have hundreds of even thousands of individual ways of forming winning combinations when you spin the reels of those slot games.

There is also often one or more bonus games that can be triggered and awarded to you when playing such a slot and when such slot offers stacked or expanding wild symbols it could be possible for you to spin in a screen full of such symbols and then win the jackpot hundreds or even thousands of times when you do so!

Progressive Video Slot Games

You will always find plenty of different types of video slot games no matter at which of our top rated online casino sites you choose to play at, but every now and then it will be worth you playing some of the progressive video slot games.

Those slot games whilst they can come with their own unique playing structures, their own unique themes and sometimes with their own unique bonus games too, will all have some form of progressive jackpot on offer.

Some video slots will require you to have to line up the jackpot symbols on a certain pay lines to win the progressive jackpot whilst some of them can award them at random or via some form of randomly are bonus game too.

However, always try and play such slots that have been designed in such a way that you can afford to have plenty of base game spins from your bankroll an ideally lookout for those progressive video slots that have the very highest payout percentages too.

As all progressive jackpot slots will have a track record of when they tend to award their respective jackpots, then the best advice that I can pass on to you is to play them only when their current jackpots are above the average payout amount awarded to players winning their jackpots as that way those jackpot will be overdue!

Fixed Pay Line Video Slot Games

You will also find another type of video slot game at most casino sites and those slots are collectively known as fixed pay line slot games.

As the name of that category of those slot games does suggest, when playing them you have no control what so ever in regards to just how many pay lines you have in play, for you are obliged to have the maximum number of lines each of those slots have on offer into live play one each spin you play off.

However, that does of course mean you will always have the maximum chance of spinning in a winning combination when playing those types of video slots, and as you can often play around with the coin value settings and the number of coins per line you wager they can be played for a range of different stake options.

Frequently Asked Questions about playing Video Slots

With a good mix of different types and categories of slot machines available online, you will always find the ones that you will enjoy playing. Here are however the answers to some questions first time online slot players may be looking for the answers to.

Which video slots have the highest jackpots?

If you do fancy playing some video slot games online for real money, but you want to have the chance of winning a massive jackpot, then make sure you get stuck into playing some of the many different progressive slots, There will be plenty of those types of slots on offer at our featured casino sites.

Can video slots be played for low stakes?

Never think that by playing video slot machines online you will only have the option of playing them for high stake levels. That is not the case as you will find a very wide and very diverse range of low to high staking options offer on each one you come across.

Are video slots random?

No slot player is ever going to want to run the risk of playing slot machines that are not completely fair and random. You will be pleased to learn therefore the casinos you see listed on this website have all be fully certified as offering 100% random video slot machines to their players.

Will I have access to auto play settings on video slots?

There may come a time when you get a tad tired clicking onto the spin button to send slot machines into live play. If that day arrives keep in mind all slot machines including video slot games will offer you a range of different settings via their auto play feature, so do consider using that feature when playing.

Are there lots of video slot games offered online?

When you do fancy playing video slot games online you will of course want to have access to a lot of different ones. Therefore, by playing at any of the showcased casinos on this website you will always find literally hundreds of them available to you.

Will I be offer video slot game promotional offers?

Never be under the impression that you are not going to get your fair share of bonus offers when playing at online casinos and playing video slots. If you do want to have access to lots of slot machine related bonus offers, make a beeline to play at our featured casino sites.