Zodiac slots

Slot players will be in Seventh Heaven if they switch over to playing slot games online with their lucky Zodiac Signs on their side!

With literally thousands of different slot games available to them, all of which come with their own themes, pay tables, payout percentages and playing structures they will have more than enough slots to keep them very busy!

You may however have your own personal favourite slot games, and we are more than confident that if you choose to play at our top rated casino site, that being Zodiac Casino you will get much more value when playing there.

The reasons for us saying that is that not only do many of their huge range of slots boast the very highest of payout percentages, that casino site offering some of the most generous bonuses too.

Plus, when playing at Canadian Online Casinos you will be earning comp points as you play, and the more points you accumulate the more bonus playing credits you are going to be able to swap your comp points for!

With that in mind we are now going to give you several pointers in regards to the slot games available at that casino site that are certainly going to be worth playing! So read on and then do make sure you give any of the following slots some play time.

One final thing to note is that they also offer a mobile casino app, which comes jam packed full of plenty of great playing and high paying slot games so you can play slots at any time of the day or night no matter where you happen to be on any mobile device you own!

Lucky Stars Slot

Should it be horoscope themed slot games that you enjoy paying the most, then make sure you track down and play the 20 optional pay lines slot that goes by the name of the Lucky Stars slot!

That slot is one on which you can place a range of different stake options, as both the coin value settings, pay lines and the number of coins you can wager per pay line are all fully adjustable by players.

What you will love best about this slot game if you do have an interest in Astrology is that when you trigger it bonus game you get to spin a bonus wheel by clicking one of the star signs and if you are really lucky winning at the Cash Splash Progressive Slot then a small fortune can be yours in hours.

.Dependent on which star sign you select and where the wheel stops you can be awarded with an increased number of free spins, or you could trigger an additional bonus game which is a pick and win one.

As this slot offers you the chance of winning a 10,000 coin jackpot payout when you spin in and line up all five wild substitute symbols on any activated payline, per coin wagered on that winning payline, it can be a very high paying slot.

Another variant of high paying online slots is the Fruit Fiesta Progressives Slot which has a nice theme and regular winners and you will get paid your money at the Zodiac Gambling site!

Many of the reel symbols do depict the theme and the sound effects and fitting ones too, so there is no doubt you will have a very enjoyable slot playing session when playing the Luck Stars slot game!

Elementals Slot Game

Another 20 optional pay line slot game that will be a great one to play for anyone who does have an interest in Astrology will be the Elementals slot game from Microgaming, and that slot game is of course available at Zodiac Casino!

This slot however does have a very unusual way of triggering its free spins bonus game, for instead of you having to spin in three or more scatter symbols, you simply need to get one landing on reels number one and reel number five in the same base game spin.

When you do so you will then be awarded with a set of 20 free spins and any and all of the winning combinations that you then spin in via the free spins bonus game are going to be doubled.

However, what we do like about the way this slot game does play and pay when the bonus game has been triggered and has been awarded to you is that there is a fair and very reasonable chance it will re-trigger.

Having played this slot game we have noticed that it is a video slot on which you certainly do get a much better chance of re-triggering its free spins bonus game than you do when playing most similar styled slot games and that may just be reason enough for you to get stuck into playing it online!

Slot Games for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Players

If you are born under the star sign of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius then you may be interested in playing a slot game that come with a Fire related theme, as those three star signs belong to the Fire Element.

If that is the case then allow us to give you some ideas in regards to which will be the very best slot game to play which do come with such a theme, and there will certain be plenty of them available at Zodiac Casino.

The Curry in a Hurry slot game may be an ideal one to play for that is a 25 optional pay lines that come with a very high payout percentage. You will of course have full control over the exact stakes you play it for but on any spin you do play off you could win a huge 9,000 coin jackpot payout.

However, what makes this a fun to play slot is that when you trigger its bonus game, you will need to use your skill to select the hottest and fieriest curry dishes from those presented to you on the bonus game screen.

If you do manage to select the hottest ones then you will be in line to win a huge cash payout! It will however be the stake levels that you are playing the base game for that will ultimately determine just how much you do win when you manage to pick out the hottest curry dish from those offered to you!

Slots for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Players

If your star sign is Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn then you will probably already know that those three star signs are the three Earth Elements, and as such we shall now give you an overview of one of the best slot games we think you are going to love play if you are a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

That slot game is the Fortune Finder slot on which you have the option of putting into live play up to 30 pay lines per spin, you can also play around with the coin value settings and the number of coins you can wager on each pay line are also adjustable to help you find a suitable stake level to play it for.

However, it is the mining theme of this slot game which does make it suitable for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn for you will be venturing deep into the earth in search of valuable gold bullion when you play this slot and there are some huge valued winning payouts on offer too!

The base game jackpot on the Fortune Finder is a huge one and whenever you spin in all five of those jackpot symbols on any activated pay line you will be rewarded with a 6000 coin jackpot payout for every single coin you wagered on the winning payline!

You will be given the choice of selecting just which reel symbol you want to have in play on your session as the wild symbol and once selected that wild symbol is in play on the base game and also if you are lucky enough to trigger the free spins bonus game too.

That bonus game is one worth triggering for it is the scatter symbols that awards the free spins bonus feature. The higher the number of scatter symbols you spin in over three in number, the more free spins you are then going to be able to play off.

Slots for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Players

Is it the Air Element that you will belong to if your star sign is Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, and it is with that in mind we have been hunting around to find you an ideal slot game to play at Zodiac Casino.

We have of course found a perfect slot game for you to play and that slot is the very aptly named Hot Air slot. That slot will always give you plenty of choice in regards to how much you stake per spin for you are going to be able to adjust the number of pay lines, the coin value settings and can also increase the number of coins you wager per pay line per spin.

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For reference the Hot Air slot game which is a great one to play if your star sign is Gemini, Libra or Aquarius has a 30 optional pay line playing structure, so be aware the more pay lines you do activate and put into play the more winning opportunities you will then have when playing of a base game spin!

The theme of the Hot Air slot game is one of a Hot Air Balloon and as such a lot of the reel symbols are built around that theme. What you may enjoy about playing this slot the most however is that on any spins you play off there is always going to be the chance you can win its jackpot.

That jackpot awards 2000 coins when all five jackpot symbols have been spun in and that is based on you playing one single coin per pay line! For each additional coin wagered per line the jackpot increases by another 2000 coins.

The bonus game is a free spins bonus game however when it is playing off you can accumulate additional free spins and higher multiplier values which will be in play on the additional and final Hot Spins feature, so there can be some very high valued payouts achieved via that free spins bonus game!

Slots for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Players

The final Element is of course Water and as such if your star sign is Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces then that is your personal element. With that in mind we shall now introduce you to a slot game that we think you will have an absolute ball playing if you are a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces!

One of the best water themed slot game we have come across is the Mermaids Millions slot game that slot is by no stretch of the imagination a brand new slot game but it is one that is still hugely popular with players at Zodiac Casino many years after it was first launched.

What makes it an ideal slot for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces slot players is that it does come with lot of underwater themed reel symbols and the sound effects are quite good too.

You will however appreciate the fact that with just 15 optional pay lines it is not going to be an expensive slot game to play when you set about playing it with maximum bet spins in live play, and you will have a fair chance of winning big from its base game too.

That base game is one on which the jackpot payout is worth 7500 coins for each coin wagered on each pay line, but there are also two and not the usual one bonus games waiting to be triggered also!

The first bonus game is as set of free spins which you will trigger as soon as three or more scatter symbols have been spun into view anywhere on the slot game screen.

The second bonus game is a pick to win styled bonus game which is triggered by you spinning in three or more bonus symbols on any activated pay line, but that combination of bonus symbols must begin on reel number one and then form three or more of those symbols on consecutive reels too!