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For players that are looking for trusted online gambling sites for Canada and the UK, NZ (New Zealand) we can recommend all mobile online casinos that have a listing at this reviews guide.

In this review we will show you the importance of fair online gaming and why a UK gambling license and the Ecogra accreditation have been acquired.

Should you reside in Canada the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has Zodiac Casino listed as a real license owner and most definitely not fake.

Bonuses include a match bonus and a sign up bonus to welcome new players that register, for all details tap the image.

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Playing at casino sites such as Zodiac Casino is of course going to see you having access to a huge range of very high paying casino games. In fact, as each game has been certified as being completely random you could play any of them at any time and win a huge valued jackpot payout!

Over the years there have been a huge list of Zodiac Casino winners who have won some life changing jackpots, and not necessarily when they were playing for high stake amounts either.

With that in mind, if you do fancy trying your luck today we are going to be taking a look at some of the casino games available to online and mobile players at Zodiac Casino that may just be the ones to play.

Please do read on for we have handpicked a range of their potentially huge paying casino games below and will enlighten you on just what you could win when playing any of them.

One of the main benefits of course at playing at that casino site, via any of their three different gaming platforms is that as soon as you do win any amount of cash, small or large, they are always going to pay you out your winnings rapidly and in full!

Huge Paying Zodiac Casino Games

As you can claim some very high valued bonuses as a real money player at Zodiac Casino, if you do fancy playing any of the huge paying casino games we are about to introduce you to below, consider making use of those bonus offers.

By doing so you will of course be able to instantly boost the value of your bankroll which will then allow you to get more play time playing any of the following high paying games, and on any game you do play you could win the big one!

Big Jackpot Winners of Video Poker Games

Due to the fact there are only so many potential hand combinations that can and will be dealt out to you when playing games such as video poker, you will often find that there are more jackpot winners at Zodiac Casino who choose to play those types of games.

As such, below you are going to find some of the video poker games that offer players the chance of winning some mega winning payouts when they play those games listed below. So make sure you do consider giving some of them a try, as you never know, you may hit the big one when playing any of them!

Deuces and Joker Video Poker

The most commonly found jackpot payout on video poker games is a 4000 coin jackpot which is usually awarded to players who play such games for five coin hands and also manage to get a Royal Flush dealt out to them.

However, if you play the Deuces and Joker video poker game at Zodiac Casino, and put into play five coins on each hand you then go on to play off you could win a huge 10,000 coin jackpot payout.

You simply need to end any game you play with all four of the 2 valued cards (known as the Deuce cards) and also the additional Joker in that hand, and if you do so when playing for five coins then you will win a whopping 10,000 coins instantly!

Jackpot Deuces and Supajax

If you want to win a video poker games progressive jackpot or at least try and win one then there are two such games on offer at Zodiac Casino, the first is the Jackpot Deuces game and the other game you may enjoy playing is the Supajax games.

You need to be aware however that when playing either of those two progressive jackpot awarding video poker games the coin values are fixed on both of them at 1.00, that means you cannot adjust the coin value settings and also to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpots you need to wager five coins per hand.

That therefore means you will need to play for 5.00 in whatever currency you have chosen for your Zodiac Casino account. The Jackpot Deuces video poker game awards its jackpot when players have formed the Royal Flush hand in the suit of Diamonds when playing maximum coin hands.

The Supajax video poker game variant awards its progressive jackpot to players who play maximum coin hands and then go on to form a hand containing all four Jack playing cards and also has in that hand the additional Supajax card too.

Zodiac Casino Slot Game Jackpot Winners

There are jackpots won on the slot games available to all players at Zodiac Casino many times each day, and as such with hundreds of different slot games on offer, some of which offer mega winning payouts and life changing jackpots too, you should give some of them a try when you can do so!

However, some slot games, both progressive jackpot paying slots and fixed coin jackpot paying slots do offer players the highest valued jackpots, and as such we shall now introduce you to three such slots that are always going to be worth playing, when you are on the hunt for a huge jackpot payout!

High 5 Slot – You will of course find the ideal type and category of slot game you want to play when you log into Zodiac Casino via any of their gaming platforms, but if you like basic playing classic slot games then be on the lookout for the High 5 slot.

That slot game has a 15,000 coin jackpot payout if you play three coins on its one single pay line, but it also has some wild multiplier symbols too!

Get one of those wild multiplier symbols in any winning combination and the payout associated with a winning combination is boosted by x5, get two of them in any non jackpot paying winning combination and the payout of that in is boosted by an enormous 25 times is normal payout value!

Cashville Slot – If you get the urge to play a potentially huge paying video slot game on which there is a bonus game that can be triggered then one of the best ones you will find available at Zodiac Casino is the Cashville slot game.

When playing that slot you can win a base game jackpot worth a cool 50,000 coins! However, that is based on you playing just one coin per pay line per spin! So if you play more than one coin per spin for each additional on you wager that jackpot payout increases by another 50,000 coins in value!

Mega Moolah Slot – The Mega Moolah slot is a progressives slot game that you can play for any stake amount and still have the chance of winning not one but one of four different valued progressive jackpots.

That slot is an ideal one to play if you do want a fully rounded slot playing experience for the jackpots are won via a randomly triggered wheel spinning bonus game but you can also trigger a potentially very high paying free spins bonus game or win it high valued base game jackpot too.

The highest valued progressive jackpot however that is up for grabs on the Mega Moolah slot game has a reset seed value of some $/£/€1million, and as such it is always guaranteed to be a huge valued jackpot no matter when you choose to play it!

It should also be noted that Microgaming who supply every single game to Zodiac Casino and also supply the gaming platforms that site operates using, have a very strict rule in regards to how winners of their progressive jackpot games should be paid out their winnings.

That rules stipulates that as soon as a player does win any games progressive jackpot the casino must pay that player out the entire jackpot payout and pay it quickly too. So if you do win a progressive jackpot it will always be paid out to you quickly and in a one lump sum payment too!

Jackpot Paying Zodiac Casino Card and Table Games

To round off this guide to Zodiac Casino winners and their range of highest paying casino games, we are now going to be taking a look at some of the card and table game you will find available at their site on which massive valued jackpots can be won.

You will be able to pick and choose from a range of different staking options when you do set about playing heir higher paying casino card and table games however always ensure you read through the rule of each game to see if there are any special wagering requirements to win and bonus jackpot payouts!

Roulette Royale – The highest winning payout that you can achieve when playing any standard Roulette game variant is of course a 35 to 1 inning payout for any straight up number you bet on that then is spun in.

However, if you choose to play the Roulette Royal game at Zodiac Casino you are forced to have to pay a side bonus bet costing 1.00 in the currency you are playing that game for.

What you will find interesting is that the bonus side bet wager then awards a range of different bonus payouts culminating in a progressive jackpot payout when you get the same number spinning in on up to five consecutive spins!

Triple 7’s Blackjack – Blackjack players are never going to need to play at any other online casino site when they sign up and play at Zodiac Casino and we can say that with complete confidence as that casino site has dozens of different types of Blackjack games on offer to all of their players.

Whilst the payouts usually associated with Blackjack games are by no stretch of the imagination huge ones, with often the best payout reserved for a winning player’s unmatched by the dealers hand Blackjack hand there is one game that do offer huge payout potential.

That game is of course the Triple 7’s Blackjack game and when playing that game you have the chance of winning what is going to be a possibly life changing progressive jackpot. Take a good look at that game for by doing so you will see just how the progressive jackpot can be won by players!

Cyberstud Poker – Zodiac Casino also offer their players lots of different casino poker card games which you do not play against other players as you do with most poker games, you play them against the dealer is a heads up type of playing structure and format.

One game we think any casino poker card game player is going to enjoy playing is the progressive jackpot awarding Cyberstud Poker game!

In fact, even if you do not win the progressive jackpot on that game which by the way requires a side bet to be placed to win that and a range of other jackpots the second highest bonus payout is also going to award out a huge amount of cash!

Caribbean Draw Poker – One final huge jackpot paying casino poker card game that is always going to be worth checking out and of course playing is the Caribbean Draw Poker game, what we like about this game is that it is a very easy game to play.

You will need to place your standard base game wager on the betting layout to send the game into live play, but do be ware that if you want to have the chance of winning the huge valued progressive jackpot displayed on this games jackpot meter you do need to place the bonus side bet wager too.

Make sure you do test out any of the above games at Zodiac Casino, for by doing so with a little bit of luck in playing your name may just be added to the Zodiac Casino Winners hall of fame if you do win one of their regularly won jackpot payouts that is!

For Canadian and UK players the online casino bonuses and minimum deposit requirements differ so you the website will redirect you to the correct offers and the Terms and conditions you need to comply to.

Please allow the casino some time to credit your accout, if you do no want to collect the bonus ask support to remove it before you start playing.

If you believe the signs in the sky luck can be your partner but remember to set a budget you can afford to gamble with.

Zodiac Casino Mobile

There have been Multi Million jackpot winners for the Mega Moolah slot game at this casino and were paid in full.

Zodiac Casino Mobile Games

You can choose to play over 600 games on your desktop or via instant in browser play on your mobile phone (Android / Iphone) or any other compatible device.

The game play is secure via an encripted SSL connection should you have doubts about security when you log in.

Zodiac Casino Canada

With numerous accredited references the Zodiac online casino has all what it takes to qualify for being one of the most exclusive Canadian online casinos low stakes (penny slot games) and high roller players that gamble with single high bets for real money.

Looking for one of the best Canadian / UK online casinos you can play slots for real money then look no further as the Zodiac Casino NZ has instant no download option with easy sign up and secure verification process.

Zodiac Casino Free Spins

With numerous multi million Jackpot winners this gambling site stands out from the rest of the microgaming casinos for Canada that share the same software and has many sister Casino Rewards casinos.

Safe Online Casinos

Question : Is Zodiac Casino Legit or Fake? Answer : Well when pointing out all the real multi million jackpot winners and high roller players you can make up your own mind and hopefully conclude that this gambling site is not only paying its winnings but also has enlisted to the Interactive Gaming Council for fair operator conduct as well as the review by RNG (Random Number Generators) which you can see at the Ecogra site.

Casino Bonuses are plenty to choose from and when you want to become a millionaire you can opt for the 80 free spins or a 20 free no deposit bonus (depending in which country you live in e.g. Canada, UK, Europe, New Zealand (NZ online pokies)

Playing NZ online casino games on your mobile device is possible both on Android and or IOS (Iphone) as long as you have a recent version and the latest software installed. If you get a warning from Mc Afee or Norton when downloading you should read the warning but rest assured the source files contain no viruses and are encrypted even with the flash, play in browser (no download) version.

Zodiac Casino Canada
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Update: Next to the mobile casinos that have a instant play like the Luxury Casino the recommended high roller site by Canadian players is the trusted Blackjack Ballroom Online Casino now has the in browser play option too.

Find the Latest Gambling News, Free Spins, No Deposit Casino, Best Match Bonuses, Player Reviews and new casino listings you can find on this site. (80 percent preferred casino online for the UK and Canada).

More money games for Canada arise every day on the internet but not something that can match the real Mega Moolah jackpot Casino winnings as these could be a life changing moment when you hit a big prize (like player DP who won 11 million dollars in 2016 on her tablet) and you can safely collect your money as once verified the amount will be paid in full.

Expect fun and safe online games for money with their Las Vegas style platform from Microgaming which holds the incredible full download as well as the best instant play version.

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New : The recommended Zodiac Casino Mobile has even more instant slots and table games and become even better and offers a safe internet casino site access with secure gambling games and deposit methods.

Please note that this gambling site has a restriction for Australian online casino players.

Zodiac Casino Player Reviews

It can take ages to get paid out your winnings from many different casinos, and having been made to wait for 3 months once to receive my winnings I decide to hunt around for a new casino at which to play at that would always guarantee me fast winning payouts.

It was during that hunt I came across Zodiac Casino, not only do they have some fast payouts times on all of their available banking options, they also offer plenty of different bonuses to players on an ongoing basis, so when I do make a deposit there are plenty of bonuses I can claim.

If you have been messed about in the past when trying to withdraw when playing at some other casino sites then follow my advice and give Zodiac Casino a try, they are one of my own personal favourites.

Make sure that you keep an eye on just how many comp points you are earning when playing at Zodiac Casino, for the way that they have designed their players club is such that you can earn quite a lot of points no matter which of their games you are playing for real money.

The more points you do earn the more playing credits you can then swap them for, and as soon as you have redeemed your comp points you playing credits should appear in your account straight away, not in days as has happened to me at some other casino sites.

I have always been very satisfied with the levels of service I have received at this casino and will continue to play there, thanks on no smaller part to their generous players club and the associated bonuses they give away and offer to me regularly.

The classic slot games available at Zodiac Casino are the ones I tend to play the most, for you can set the stake levels down to some quite low amounts and by doing so you get plenty more spins from your bankroll.

Playing Blackjack is something I love doing and when I first discovered Zodiac Casino I was greatly impressed by just how many different types of Blackjack game variants they have on offer, and I like the fact I can play them for free or for real money at any time.

Their Blackjack games also come with some very low chip value settings and you can play any of them for just 1.00 per hand, and thanks to their recently launched Gold Series multi-hand variants if you do want to play more than one hand per game then that is something you can do.

The house edges on some of those Blackjack games are what do appeal to me the most for with some expert play you really can get the house edges down to some very low amounts and will then obviously get more chance of winning too.

Never miss out on playing some of the progressive jackpot slots and other casino games you can play when and if you do decide to play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino for they do have a very large array of different progressive games, many of which offer massive life changing jackpots.

I do love the fact that I can play lot of different progressive games and have the choice of just what stake levels I can play them for, as some other casino sites only have high stake progressive games on offer which can turn out to be very expensive games to play.

But always read through the pay table of any progressive game to discover just how you can win their respective jackpots, as some games do require you to play them in a certain way or even for a certain stake level to have any chance of winning a progressive jackpot!

The auto play settings that you can put into play on most of the casino games that are available at Zodiac Casino are quite interesting for there are way more settings on their auto play options than you will find at most other casino sites.

If like me you do often set games such as video poker to play them automatically via the auto play setting one thing worth knowing is that the auto play will then follow the bets playing strategy for the variants you are playing.

That means that no matter how many games you set it to play off for you it is always going to be playing off each hand that is dealt out to you with the best strategy in play so you will then benefit from the high payout percentages those games all offer!

Bonuses are what I tend to look out for when signing up to any casino site but I do not want them to run out once I have claimed any casinos welcome bonuses.

You can then open up as many games as you want to play and then set about playing them in different windows on your computer screen as you can drag those windows and play them where you want on your screen.

I have however found that when I do play several games all at the same time it is easy to play them when also using the auto play setting, so I would advise you to possibly use the auto play setting hen you are additionally using that tabbed browser feature!

One thing that I have found that I can do when playing at Zodiac Casino is audit my own game play, and that is thanks to that casino site using Microgaming software and having also on offer the Play Check feature, which is very easy to use,